Friday, October 29, 2010

There’s no bones about it….

I’m going to leave October behind with one last Halloween recipe. It’s a quick and easy recipe and actually looks quite nice next to Mr. Meathead.


I called these Dead Vampire Bones because they were very garlicky.

Let’s get our two whole ingredients ready:


One tube of Pillsbury garlic breadsticks will make 16 bones. Open the tube and unroll the dough. Is there anyone who actually inserts a spoon in the seam, like it says on the instructions? Because I was raised to just smack it on the counter. When I was a kid, I loved that sound, because I knew my mom was makin’ biscuits for breakfast!


Cut the dough in half, unless you’re making life sized femur bones. Separate each of the bread sticks and then make a slit in each end. Take the slits and roll into balls.


Place on a lightly greased cookie sheet. Sprinkle with coarse salt, then bake at 350° for about 12 minutes. I found them to be perfectly garlicky, but if you are really scared of vampires crave more, sprinkle with garlic powder before baking.


There you have it! It doesn’t get any easier than this. They’re prefect for just munching as you hand out candy or as a yummy dipper, with some bloody marinara sauce, at your Halloween party.


Happy Halloween!


  1. Hey, I have a bone to pick with you. Get it? Bone to pick? Ah never mind.

  2. Another awesome Halloween food idea. Love the blood marinara suggestion.

    And I'm sorry, but it has to be said. With a slight alteration, ALSO a great bachelorette party idea.

  3. Looks wonderful! I'll have to try it for the party tomorrow night - if we have time.

    You come up with the greatest ideas. BD does, too.

  4. Love that one! Just love it. I'm going to make them for tomorrow night's party. Yay!

  5. Love it! Also, I have indeed tried putting a spoon against the side but I am always terrified something is going to hit me in the face. I hit it against the counter to open it up.

    Speaking of spoons hitting me in the face, once we had a friend over who opened a beer with a spoon when we couldn't find a bottle opener. Him and my husband walked out of the kitchen and into the living room, and I attempted to open my beer with a spoon.

    I did succeed, but I also hit myself in my forehead with the spoon (with at least enough force to pull of a bottle cap) and spilled beer all over the floor. It wasn't my finest moment.

  6. Great idea! I'm planning to make witches finger cookies tonight.

  7. That is such a cute idea! I love it. I would add some parmesan or asiago cheese, some basil and of course a bit more garlic. Because that's the kind of person I am, always tinkering with recipes!

  8. Clever and simple! I'm not imaginative anymore. I think it's because I only talk to dogs all day.

  9. I love how you embrace the holidays! Happy weekend girlfriend!

  10. At first I thought they were dog treats. Thanks for sharing--very cute!


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