Thursday, October 7, 2010

A little more about me…

Here are 10 more things about me that you may not know…

1. I do not like to wear polish on my fingernails, but my toenails are never naked.

2. I cannot read a book twice. Within the first two pages, I will know if I’ve read the book before and already know how it ends. At that point, why bother?

3. I like cherry tomatoes, but I only like them sliced. Not just in half, all the way. Trust me, it can be done.

4. I do not like avocadoes. They remind me of mushrooms, which I also do not like. It’s a texture thing.

5. I have been known to kiss my dog on the lips. (although, I wouldn’t be surprised if most of you have already figured that out)

6. You do not want me to be your partner in cards. I suck.

7. I am part Native American, but not enough to go to college for free.

8. I never get lost. Even before GPS and iPhones, I never got lost. I have a very good sense of direction…when I’m driving. Don’t put me in the woods my myself.

9. I put the toilet paper over. I have been known to switch the roll at other people’s houses, because they did it wrong.

10. My spices are alphabetized.


Now it’s your turn! Tell me something about you…


  1. I have a broken bone in my arm that was never fixed. It turns out that old wive's tale, "If you can move it, then it's not broken" isn't so true. If you hold your hand on my arm, you can feel the broken knotted bone that snapped when I was 16.

    And I, too, don't like the polish on my fingers, but it's always on my toes.

    And oh, how I adore avocados! Which is weird, because I'm totally a texture girl, too.

  2. Five more things your readers don't know about you.
    1.You were a beautiful baby.
    2.You sucked your thumb.
    3.You love your Mom and Dad.
    4.When you love,you love totally and umconditionaly!!
    5.You are 92% Irish and that WILL get you to Ireland if you take your Mom!

  3. Avocados are nasty, and so are mushrooms. Maybe if they weren't so gross feeling in my mouth. Guh.

  4. Avocados and mushrooms are both okay in my book. The tomatoes are definitely the slimy texture problem. Eeew. But I will fry green tomatoes and eat them. They're not slimy.
    My Dad is a 100% disabled veteran. If I went to college directly from high school I could have gone for free. You can see where this went, right?

  5. I do that with cherry tomatoes too!
    I do LOVE mushrooms.
    I am the best navigator ever in a car.
    I had not one bill when I graduated college.
    I no longer know what my real hair color is, but
    I like being blonde.

  6. A few other things you left off dear wife:
    1. Your Husband is madly in love with you
    2. Your doggies unconditionally love you
    3. Your 3 children love you but also love being on their own
    4. ALL your parents and parents-in-law love you as no daughter has ever been loved.
    5. Your best friends love you and wonder how you ended up with me

  7. I think we have a few in common - I never do the nails but the toes are always colored - I have OCD about the TP being out as well - and I have an excellent sense of direction - don't really need the GPS either.

    Some things you don't know.....

    I used to be an rabid smoker - gave it up 11 years ago......

    I HATE baked beans - and I'm from Boston - oh well!

    I have a thing about black, white and green - just about my whole wardrobe is made up of those colors - although I am trying to expand!

    I wear a size 11 shoe......I was a nice even 10 before kids!

  8. I am not comfortable with polish on fingernails or toenails.

    When I had dogs, I kissed them on the lips. And when I had hamsters, I kissed them on the lips, too. I have probably kissed more hamsters than dogs in my life.

    I cruise the blogosphere when I am bored or stressed at work, like now. I will end up without a job if I keep this up...which doesn't seem to bother me. ;-)

  9. 1. I adore avocados. I could eat one every day.

    2. I always have my toes done and typically have shiny stones applied for decoration. Currently they are orange and have black stones in jack o lantern patterns. Cute!

    3. I am a massage therapist, so I keep my finger nails short, smooth and clean.

    4. I am left handed, left footed, left eyed, and generally lean to the left politcally!

    5. Not only do I kiss my dogs and cats, but we snuggle at night too.

  10. We have nine and ten in common. For the rest, we're polar opposites.

  11. We have 1, 8 and 9 in common. I NEVER get lost. I also can't stand the TP to go under, but growing up that's how we had to roll it because we had cats and it's harder for them to unroll the entire roll that way.

    I can't set anything temperature-related to an odd number- it ALWAYS has to be even. And when I sit without shoes on, I always cross my big toe over my second toe.


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