Monday, August 9, 2010

So much of life is determined by pure randomness…

I know I haven’t been around much in the last week. It’s just that I haven’t really had any one thing to write about, just a smattering of random happenings and musings. It’s the middle of summer in Texas and we’ve finally hit the triple digit temperatures. What that means is, everything pretty much comes to a standstill because it’s just too freakin hot to do anything. Not a lot of excitement when the heat index is 107.

Rather than have you think I dried up on the sidewalk like Abu Dhabi slugs, I will share with you some of the randomness that is my life. That is  what you come here for, right?

* CGMan was verbally offered two jobs. After several months of searching, that’s good news. That was also a month ago. Neither of them have put anything in writing.They keep telling us it will happen, we just have to wait. Unfortunately, while we “wait” we can’t look for a new house because we don’t know for sure where we are moving. For the same reason, we can’t put this house on the market. We would like to be able to tell people that we’re moving, but we just don’t know for sure. I believe that if you don’t have it in writing, you don’t have anything. So we’ll just wait. Let me tell you, limbo is only fun when you’re drunk and think you can dance.

* With the thought of an impending move, I have been busy purging. There is nothing like the thought of moving that makes you wonder why you hang on to so much crap stuff. There have been some interesting conversations about the validity of keeping a bowling ball that hasn’t been used in 14 years. This ball even moved to Trinidad with us. There are no bowling alleys in Trinidad. I can say for certain, the bowling ball is not moving with us this time.

* I have been able to have some paint therapy as I finished up the two rooms that hadn’t been painted. This house came with a plain, vanilla, flat paint. I like color, and I love to paint, so have spent the last four years painting this house. And now I am finished. I guess it is time for a new canvas.

* Skater found the snake that had been lost in his apartment for the last two and a half weeks.  Um? yay?

* CGMan and I went to an outdoor concert last week. This is one of the reasons we love Austin so. They have free concerts in the park and you can bring a picnic, your kids, your dog, but you’re not supposed to bring wine. We didn’t bring a picnic because Salt Lick had a tent with the best BBQ in Austin. We didn’t bring our kids because they’re all grown up and we can’t make them hang with us like we could when they were little and scared of us. And we didn’t bring our dogs because sometimes we need a break from them (remember, we’re both stay-at-homes right now). Wine, what wine? But we had a great time looking at other people’s dogs and grandbabies. There was even a group from San Francisco, stopping every now and then to play for the crowd. They were quite good, so we bought their cd. 

 Zilker Park  austinites

random dog   IMG_0844


* Last, but not least, I found that if I make a new recipe for banana pancakes and they turn out crappy, CGMan will take me out to breakfast where I can have a fresh asparagus-tomato omelet with asiago cream sauce and little red potatoes. And a bloody mary.

So I don’t feel alone in my little limbo land, tell me of the randomness that is in your life…


  1. I like randomness and catching up. Good luck with the job offers, CGMan!

    Let's see...J went golfing this weekend and won money so it basically paid for his golfing weekend. Which is always nice! And I'm addicted to the Family Feud game on Facebook. How do you like that randomness? :)

  2. Dear Dawn,

    Oh how we missed you so! Blogher was WAY too Mommyish so Meg, The Zadge and Ms.Bee decided more drinks and less Mommy stuff was a good plan! You my dear would have been the icing on the cake because Dawn is cool, Dawn doesn't just talk about her kids!

    Can't wait to find out where you will live next! Can you give us hints????

  3. Since we have the same sense of humour, laughing *with* BD, I had to come over and visit you! I'll be thinking about the randomness...thanks for the post fodder.

  4. Ugh, the heat. My randomness is The Man getting all up in his tower that the kids aren't out playing more this summer like he did when he was a kid. HE NEVER LIVED IN TEXAS IN THE SUMMER. No one is around because they've gone someplace cooler, and no one leaves their house if they are still here.

    And hello? How can you be potentially moving and we've still not gone to lunch? This must be remedied before you leave Austin.

  5. I do love cleaning out the crap during a move. Since I moved out of my parent's house (only 5 years ago, I know, I know) I've moved pretty often, until my husband and I settled into a duplex. We've been here for 2 years and will be here for at least another 2. I'm already dreading cleaning out the joint.

  6. In my vast experience of life, I have found military wives are so fabulous and efficient at the moving thing. I swear, it takes me a year to unpack. You ladies have the paint on the wall, the curtains hung, the rugs laid, within the first week of a new home. I just don't have it in me.

  7. Love color on the walls! Love outdoor music! Love random musings!!

  8. I like the random catch-up a lot since I feel so far behind.

    Also? I DIED when I got to the part about the snake. Currently, I still do not have a pulse. True story.


  9. I will totally have what you are having for breakfast!

    Personally, I LOVE to purge closets and drawers, it's like therapy. We had a bowling ball like that too. It's gone now.

  10. Did you really say that in Texas you don't hit triple digits until AUGUST? In AZ, it was more like May to October with the triple digits. And that's why I moved. :)

    I too, love purging. Purging stuff that is, I just realized how that sounded and no, I'm not bulemic. I like to live a clutter-free existence. It doesn't always happen, but when everything is picked up and put away is when I'm happiest. Well, that and when the number on the scale goes down instead of up. Is this random enough?

    Job interviews, kids almost back to school (two more weeks, and hopefully I can hold it together and not kill any neighborhood children before then. You know it's bad when the neighbor kids are buggging me way more than my own kids), softball camp for middle daughter, oldest daughter working while her life is in limbo, trying to decide what she wants to do. She has two jobs, one at a fitness place (where she also gets a free membership) and a kids place called Jumpstreet which is basically a huge indoor trampoline park. At least now she's working and not just moping on my couch. It's much more tolerable this way. Whew.

    P.S. Tell your dad I love his comments :)

  11. I also love your dad's comments. But more importantly, I have to empathize with the limbo blues. I HATE being in limbo. Give me a decision and let me make plans!!! Have you ever done the Myers Briggs test? You are probably a J like me.

  12. I used to feel bad about staying indoors during our South Florida "feels-like" triple digit heatwaves until I realized that seasons are reversed for Southerners. It's OK to wait for winter to play outdoors! And smart, too! It's all in one's perspective. My man and I maintain TWO homes so that we can work at our respective jobs - our sacrifice to this painful recession. I, of course, love to purge both of them.

  13. We've been in Austin since July 24th and it's pretty much been at least 100 since then. I thought we were just being babies.
    My girls are desperate to meet some teens, but everyone seems to be hibernating.

  14. Oh, and I'm so bummed out that you are probably relocating when I just got here!


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