Thursday, August 26, 2010

It pays to read the back of the box…

Yesterday I did some retail therapy to help get over my PTSD of having a scorpion walk across my living room rug. The only thing of interest that I bought was this:


We love jigsaw puzzles. As a family, we have put together many. We like the ones that are cartoons and funny. Without pointing fingers, one of us (Skater) (What? I didn’t point!) even worked on one for the whole month he was grounded, given that he had nothing else in his life to do, except homework and taking out the trash. Good times.

Since CGMan and I are both stay-at-homes for the time being, I thought it would be nice to work on a puzzle together. Especially since the traitor cat went to live with Skater, we won’t have to worry about missing pieces. It’s been known to happen. Just when we’re drawing straws to see who has to check the litter box, we would find the piece on the floor, or in the kitchen, next to the food bowl.

I was so excited, I opened it right away to get started.


It was shortly after that, CGMan walked in and took a look at the box. He asked me, “Did you know the picture on the box isn’t what the puzzle looks like?” I was all, “Of course it is, silly. That’s how puzzles work.”  He was like, “No, really.” Apparently, in my excitement to get a new puzzle, I overlooked what it said on the back:




Guess what you’ll be looking at for the next few Wednesdays? BHAAAH!


  1. Oh, we just finished one of these, except a different picture! It was so much fun to try and figure out what everyone was looking at. When you're done with yours, we could trade! :)

    We've got a ton of jigsaw puzzles. It's a tradition from my childhood spent with my Dad putting them together. We also had to keep the cat from stealing pieces.

  2. Well. I guess you won't be bored for a good while, right? :)

  3. Oh, man. That sounds way too challenging for me.

  4. That is just wrong.....

    My mom & I did one once that had the same picture printed on BOTH sides, only turned 1/4 turn. AND, the puzzle was cut half from the top & half from the bottom, so you couldn't even tell if your pieces were upside down or not. Lucky she has a coffee table w/ an all glass top so we'd take turns crawling underneath to check our work!

  5. What Ever!!!!!!!! I would be so lost with this gig!

  6. That is definitely.....different!

    Please report back in a few months when you've gotten half way through that, haha.

  7. Okay, who makes puzzles like that?!!!!

  8. I am completely confident you guys will solve the puzzle. Take photos!

  9. I like jigsaws, but this one might be beyond me! Can't wait to watch you solve it.

  10. It will also require lots of patience..! you can find some great online jigsaw puzzles here: . they will also leave the table clean..


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