Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Welcome to my patio…

This morning I get to play golf with CGMan and some friends. I don’t know if I’m any good at golf because I don’t keep my score. I do know that I don’t cuss as much and tend to stay out of the woods.

I was going to do a post about the antics at CGMan’s 50th birthday party, but there weren’t any. We all behaved like grown ups and had a really good time. *sigh*  It sucks getting old.

The only thing I have left is to introduce you to the critters on my patio. And no, scorpions are not invited.

Feel free to sing along, I know you remember the song, it’s from Sesame Street.

These are the critters on my patio…

 insurance gecko fan bird

on my patio, on my pat-tee-o-OH…

stick bug big green bug

Yes, these are the critters on my patio. The critters that I spray each day.


Okay, I didn’t really spray any of them. But I find it very interesting how all manner of critters like to come on my patio.

Oh, and have fun with that song in your head all day.


  1. What is that big green bug and does it bite?
    Insects love me, to bite me. I'm like a beacon, if I'm around everyone else can let down their guard since I keep all the blood suckers occupied.

    My bug bites obtained in Ohio are ruining my vacation time in North Carolina, even with prescription strength anti itch cream.

    Finally arriving in Austin by Sunday, I'll be a Texas resident!

  2. If you spray them, ten more will come back. Those guys drew straws and got your house.

    Hey, haven't seen you around the duck pen lately, did I make a wise quack and scared you off?


  3. One of the best things about moving to Denver - there are NO BUGS!!! Mountain lions yes, bugs no!

  4. I'd be cool with the lizard and the bird, but not so much with the spiders! Ick.

  5. Nice collection of critters! What kind of bug is that crazy one hanging off the edge of the gutter? It looks like a bad ass bug, that's for sure. Like Sylvester Stallone in Cliffhanger.

  6. I keep seeing this mole near my deck every evening, and I don't like it one bit. Don't get me started on the crows that have started squawking every morning!

  7. That makes me feel less envious of your warm weather. Most creepy crawlies don't do so well in the land of -30C winters.

  8. Just be glad you have CGMan to help with the unwanted ones. And ifyou get tired of him can you send him up here? I've had two nights in a row of bugs the size of my thumb IN MY HOUSE!

  9. Okay, that's all just too many living things that are not human hanging around. I'm afraid I'd just tape off the porch with police tape and never set foot in it again.


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