Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Belated patriotism…

During our visit to Florida, our country celebrated it’s 234th birthday. Usually the day is spent at outdoor picnics and backyard barbeques. But we were in Florida where it rained every single day. Because of that, we watched the Washington DC fireworks on TV from the comfort of the air conditioned living room. (Can I just say, I would bear the children of the man who invented air conditioning? If I could still bear children? And holy heat wave, Batman, is Florida ever hot this time of year!)

Anyway, since I didn’t go see fireworks or do the whole 4th of July overeating thing, I almost forgot about it. I know, right? How could I, the consummate patriot, let the birthday of our country go by unmentioned? Well, I’m not.

Happy Belated Birthday, America!!


(Thanks to Happy Hour Sue, who thought of it first.)


  1. This clip gets my Yoda all festivey. Happy Hour Sue, thank you I must.

  2. Sorry about all the rain and no trip out of our living room to see the fireworks, BUT i think we were more comfortable and seen a lot better fireworks, we really enjoyed them.

  3. Sounds like an enjoyable time. I'm a HUGE fan of A/C! And you know, fireworks can be slightly overrated. Happy birthday, USA!

  4. Kinda off topic, but last night on the way home from Sea World, I listened to late night talk radio, and this guy read a piece from another guy who wants us all to get rid of air conditioning. Like, EVERYWHERE.

    How much simpler things would be, and people would slow down, and Congress wouldn't meet so much in summer, and men wouldn't have to wear suits, and... it sounds like the worst idea I've EVER HEARD, sitting here in Texas in July.

    Happy Birthday America!

  5. Hear, hear for air conditioning! It's been uncommonly hot and muggy here this summer. I swear I wouldn't have made it a hundred years ago.

  6. Oy Dawn, has it really been 234 years?
    It seems like only yesterday I was 16 and celebrating the bicentennial.


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