Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ramblings in suburbia…

Every morning, as I’m waking up, I have these great ideas for a blog. I get up with a spring in my step, with the thoughts of a particularly clever post. Then I brush my teeth, turn some lights on (yes, it’s still dark when I get up), let the dogs out, start the coffee, feed the dogs, pour a cup of joe and head to the computer. When I get there, all I can think of is why did I get up so dang early? That’s right, I cannot remember one single idea. Oh, and they were good ones, too, I assure you. Full of witty repartee and amazing photography of the dogs.

I sit, staring at my computer screen, wondering if other bloggers have the same problem. I remember sweet Twisted Susan and how she wrote about farting in front of a lady at the grocery store. Then there was Jenn at Perspective Required who is out saving the wildlife, one chipmunk at a time (but a bit of a segregationist when it comes to squirrels). Oh, and Cupcake Murphy over at Odd, Good, True who spends her Saturday mornings being a detective.

It was then I started to realize our lives certainly don’t have to be exciting to write about them. There are some people who like to read about our everyday happenings. I, for one, enjoyed reading June at Bye, Bye Pie! as she was on her deathbed over the weekend, but still  managed to edge the yard and take the dog to the park. In case you missed it, here is the reenactment. I also got a kick out of what The Zadge was going to do in bed over the weekend.

So really, I suppose I shouldn’t worry about writing something scintillating for you to read every day. I could just focus on the mundane, because someone out there is going to think it’s funny worth reading (Hi Daddy!).

Well, would you look at that? I managed to help you waste some time execute a noteworthy post, after all.

My work here is done.


  1. Isn't it funny that our Daddy's are our biggest fans! I love that!

    I emailed the trainers and hope to hear something soon. Thanks for that. I learn so much from you :)
    Have a GREAT day!

  2. It's definatly the day to day stuff that I find most interesting. I like your road trip stories, too. And your recipes. And your pictures of the dogs. Pretty much I just like your blog.

  3. I do look forward to your posts to keep up on what's happening in Austin or wherever it is you happen to be at the time. If you're not there, I just start down the list of blogs you like to read to catch up on what they're doing. Such a fun group!

  4. Hi Dawn's Dad!

    Dawn, I actually wrote something today because of you. Because you reminded me that I didn't have to have a hysterical story to write something. If people enjoy mundane, they should LOVE me. ;)

  5. By the way, my verification word for my previous comment was "mencide." Does that mean what I think it does? I'm going to sit here and try to decide if I'm pro or con.

  6. I love your blog - I love hearing about life in Austin and the different things we all do.

    I loved CCG man's check $1,000,000 - that was a very funny post - and I wish my husband would do that for every time he makes me mad - I'd be a billionaire!

  7. Mundane is just fine - it's what makes up the fabric of our lives.

    You get up when it's dark? Willingly?

  8. I have the same problem, great ideas when I get up but, by the time I go to write them down they've all run away and hidden somewhere. Of course I also come up with great ideas when I've just gone to bed at night. Unfortunately since my girlfriend is sleeping as well I can't exactly turn on a light or sit there tapping away at the computer, so they are lost as well....

    The mundane day to day things are usually more fun to read, often whats mundane to you won't be to your readers.

  9. And about those mornings. I have sludge for brain matter in the morning. I try to write, but the words aren't even forming for at least an hour or until at least a cup of coffee.

    And your posts are always fabulous, Dawn. I talked forever to people about your Egypt trip and your camel rides. But, it is in the ordinary that I find you the most interesting and funny and charming.

  10. Oh and thanks for pointing out some of your favorite blogs. That Cupcake Murphy with her Harriet Tubman comment just absolutely made my day!

  11. Why such an early riser? Is this willingly?

  12. June is like Seinfeld. It's a blog about nothing. Nothing can be a very good thing!

    If I didn't keep a list of my ideas, I'd see something shiny and never say a thing.

    I loved the camel ride post, too!

  13. Don't go getting all phosisticated on us, doll.

  14. I was drooling just reading about your morning routine. It's the bizarre-ish mundane stuff that gets my motor running.

  15. Sometimes I think I have to get my Catskills comedy on every day. But I really do like writing and reading about someone's everyday routine, and know they are just like me!


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