Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I live with a man…

CGMan lives with me now. I know, I know, most husbands live with their wives. But we’re not most couples. Anyway, while he was overseas for a year, I had the house to myself. It was actually pretty nice (and the envy of my friends with husbands). I could keep it as cool as I liked, I could have on as many lights as I needed. I figured since I never turned on the television, the power saved there could burn 20 of my little squiggly light bulbs. Not a dark corner in this house!

It has actually been nice to have him home, though. He is very helpful around here. He carries in the groceries, prunes the trees and even takes the dogs for an invigorating walk every morning, so I can sit here and read about other people and their every day lives write my blog. He is bartender every day at 3:30  5 o’clock. Who doesn’t love a man who can fix a mean vodka tonic? Let’s not forget the chivalry! He has been known to carry me with all the finesse of George of the Jungle Superman across a deep puddle.

And friends, he never leaves the seat up. Ever.

 I know it’s a good thing, and you’re all envious of my well-trained husband, but let me tell you…
be careful what you wish for…


  …this is not funny in the middle of the night.

Today, I leave for another great adventure. I’m going on a senior trip. Not the Let’s-party-till-we-drop! kind of senior, but the drop-and-break-a-hip kind of senior. Truth be told, they act just like a couple of teenagers when you get them in the car together. I am taking Wow and Auntie Narmie on a two day road trip to see Wow’s seventh (seventh!- not that I’m counting or anything) grandbaby, Ella. Oh, and Ella’s mommy and daddy (*snort*-- as if!)

I’ll check in when I can. Don’t be surprised if it’s sporadic, because I’ll be busy smooching the new baby and trying to figure out how to sneak her home with me.


  1. Sounds like a fun good time to me!!! Have safe travels.

  2. Roadtrip! Have a wonderful time. I'll look forward to hearing of your travels. "I hope not sporadically". (Am I the only one who loves Clueless and thinks of it every time someone says sporadic, and then gets sad because Brittany Murphy is dead?)

  3. I'm glad you have your husband back. Even if us local wives-with-in-house-husbands lost our little retreat! And I agree... your man does make a mean vodka tonic!

    We'll miss you again. Have a safe trip... hugs to the baby!

  4. Dog walking, vodka tonics and new babies all in one - a dream post!

  5. Oh no, the closed toilet in the dark is disastrous!

    Sounds like the best of men. Enjoy your trip.

  6. My mother used to introduce me to people as "the mother of her granddaughters." Love you too, Mom.

    I'm not sure what's worse, sitting down on a closed cold seat, or sitting down and practically falling in because the seat is up. Now I have something else to ponder today. You know, besides what we will have for Cinco De Mayo dinner.

  7. My cat likes to fish. He likes to drop things in the bowl, and then fish them out. As such, the house rule is that everbody closes the lid all the time. It prevents me from using hair elastics that have been fished out of the toilet. Plus, nobody can claim gender bias.

    Have a good trip, and enjoy the baby!

  8. Glad you're enjoying having your hubby back. J's the same way with the toilet seat, so ya know.

    Enjoy your road trip and the baby kisses and hanging with what sounds like two pretty cool old ladies! Be safe, have fun and I hope you have perfect road trip weather.

  9. Have a blast Dawn! Don't leave us for too long!

  10. I keep the lid down b/c I pee behind the barn. Not really.

  11. Are ya home yet? How was your trip??Miss ya.


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