Friday, May 21, 2010

Did you know….?

…that in New Jersey, attendants pump your gas? Always.

…the sight of dairy cows can cause Wow to crave ice cream?

…there are a lot of dairy farms along the Pennsylvania Turnpike and very few exits?

…that bedbugs can be found in even the swankiest of motels?

…New Jersey pine trees bloom in May and people who live in Texas are highly allergic?

…that someone else’s grandbaby is almost as much fun as your own grandbaby?

…the bite of a bedbug is neither contagious nor life threatening, but itch to the point of distraction?

…that Bugles are commonly found next to the peanuts in most convenience stores?

…dogs don’t really like to talk on the phone?

…the smile of a new baby makes you forget about your stuffy nose and itchy arms?

…that 45 minutes is not long enough to catch a connecting flight in Houston? Even when it’s on the same airline?

…the thought of missing a flight can cause perfectly normal people to break into an OJ airport run, no matter how stupid it makes them look?

…that lack of a wireless signal can cause internet withdrawals almost as severe as that of nicotine withdrawal?

…most restaurants in the suburbs of New Jersey are BYOB?

…that two seniors need more bathroom stops than bathrooms on most turnpikes?

…that pharmacists are not doctors, and sometimes think bedbugs and scabies are the same thing?

…Canadians are invading New Jersey? Okay, maybe just their geese, but still.

…that spending time with family is priceless?

…that I experienced all of the above at some point in the last two weeks?


  1. That's a wonderful list of experiences!
    Happy weekend ;)

  2. How fun! Culture shock and elderly folk all at the same time. But a baby makes it all worth while. =]

  3. I'm sorry. You lost me at Bugles. My absolute FAVORITE snack, which I can never find because they DO keep them next to the nuts instead of the chips. Have you ever sat down with a bag of Bugles and a tub of cream cheese? Then you have not LIVED, my friend.

  4. Welcome back Dawn. It's Friday afternoon and I'm about to toast your entry back into blogger world! I did not know about that BYOB thing in NJ? I guess you have to carry a traveling bar?

    Glad you had fun!

  5. Ugh, I'm sorry about the bedbugs. I hope they didn't invade your home. I hear they're awful to get rid of.

    And I just recently found that out about the gas stations and I think that might be the best thing about New Jersey. Well, that and Bruce Springsteen.

    Welcome home!

  6. Bedbugs? OMG! Tell me that you threw your suitcases out and burned the clothes you were wearing. Tell me!

  7. i'm currently without internet access too and going through withdrawal!

  8. Other than the bed bugs, it sounds like a pretty cool adventure.

  9. Glad you enjoyed yourself, well, except for the bedbugs and airport,haha.

    So all gas stations in N.J. are full serve? I've never heard that before......maybe that's why our geese stop there on their migratory path?

  10. Having travelled through Jersey a few times I did know that fact - and the first time I encountered it I too thought it was very strange!

    Glad you had a good trip and are home safe!


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