Monday, April 5, 2010

I never thought I would be the exotic one…

I love the art of henna. It’s just so striking. This was the only thing I asked for on this trip. I decided to have it done the day before we left, so I could have it at home for a week or so.


This picture was taken the day after I had it done. It took 2 girls about a half hour to draw it on. Then I sat in front of a heat lamp for another half hour or so, to get it good and soaked in. Heating it for a while deepens the overall color. Then she flaked off the paste and I was left with a bright orange design, which darkens to a dark brownish red over a couple of days.

If we had ended up staying there, I could see this as one of my regular pampering perks, along with pedicures.

It’s funny, I was just thinking how exotic I’m becoming in my old age, and the thought occurred to me that my kids may be thinking “eccentric” instead.

Oh well, pa-tay-toes, pah-tah-toes, – same difference! I’m really digging it!

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