Monday, April 26, 2010

Every wiener is a winner…

Some of you may remember that last year, for Mother’s Day, I wanted to see Ralph, the diving pig. But Ralph had been replaced with a more educational, eco-friendly scene and it just wasn’t weird enough for me. I like the unusual, the eccentric and the downright hilarious.

Since I spend actual Mother’s Day with Wow and her sister, Auntie Narmie, we always celebrate the awesomeness that is Mom a week or two before I leave. Skater is the only offspring left in town and he works long hours on the weekends, so it was up to CGMan to make sure I was properly celebrated. He did a great job!

Knowing my penchant for all things weird (May I stop right here and wonder aloud? Why the hell is weird spelled with ei and wiener is spelled with ie?) This weekend, CGMan escorted this fabulous mom to the 13th Annual Wiener Dog Races. That’s right my friends, races for wiener dogs!!

We had such a great time! I’ve never seen so many wieners in one place. We all know wieners are kinda funny looking, but that’s nothing until you’ve seen a wiener in a costume!

dorothywiener dontwantawiener choruslinewiener swisswiener dinowiener beewieners

The guy in the bunny suit didn’t look all that excited to have a wiener. That’s too bad. I never knew having a wiener could be this much fun. It almost makes me wish I had a wiener. But I’m happy with what I have, truly. Besides, mine is prettier than a wiener.

notawiener Don’t you think so?

Before the races began, we walked around and checked out the booths. There were many for wiener rescues (You too, could have a wiener!) assorted dog beds, toys, clothes, costumes and other puppy paraphernalia.

There was even a kissing booth. Yep. I kissed a wiener and I liked it.


Just off the showroom floor was hottest ride on four wheels. It was on display so all the wieners could drool over it.. What wiener doesn’t long for a sweet ride like this one? It’s a bitch magnet.

really?youhadtolook? cowboywiener

There was really a lot to see. A cook-off of some sort was going on in the background. I can only assume it was a BBQ cook-off. You know, because it’s Texas and beef is what’s for dinner. It was such a big place, and so many people around, sometimes you had to hold your wiener in your hand.


After walking around checking all the fun ways to play with your wiener, if you have one, we headed to the stands for the races. We managed to squeeze in between some wieners for seats in the end zone.


The local high school band played the national anthem, to which CGMan and I sang, inspiring a few others around us to do so as well. The band did a great job. When we heard “Gentlemen, start your wieners!”  we knew it was time to stop being silly and get down to the serious business of seeing who had the fastest wiener.

IMG_3740 IMG_0652

You have to cheer your wiener on to get it to perform well. Sometimes the wieners get distracted by someone on the sidelines, and the owner has to chase it down. Other wieners are more competitive, but all in all, it looked like every wiener had a good time.


I have to say, this was an awesome Mother’s Day celebration. It was a beautiful, sunny, spring day and I had a blast meeting wieners from all over. There were wieners from as far away as Florida. I knew wieners were funny, but I’ve honestly never laughed so hard. I texted Skater and told him it was too bad he missed seeing all the wieners with us. He texted me back, “I’m sorry… what?!”

Oh man, all these wieners made me think maybe we should have hot dogs for dinner!



  1. My friend Monica had a dog in one of the races! She has three wiener dogs, and her newest one ran at 10am. I was supposed to go but I had to work the front desk at church. Total bummer. Glad you got to go enjoy them! Happy Mother's Day!!

  2. Wow!! I never knew that there was so much fun to be had in the state of Texas!! What a wonderful time and just think how much fun you are going to have one day when you take your GRAND~children to see such a thing!

    You know that my mother gave my GRAND~girls two wiener dogs for Christmas. Only thing was she didn't ask their parents. So guess who gets to keep them for them??? Yep, me! I am the proud owner of two wiener dogs and one American Boo Dog as the girls call him. I can tell you that they have been really easy to train and they get along so well with the girls and the Boo dog. I think that they are growing on us and we kind of like them. Next year I want to go with you to the wiener fest!

  3. "I kissed a wiener and liked it" - spitting my morning tea all over the laptop!

  4. I love the ones dressed up as bees! That looks like a blast! What a great way to spend a day!

  5. Love it! I have always wanted to go, but never have. Thanks for sharing!

  6. How fun! Awesome way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon.

  7. That is too cute! What a wonderful mother's day celebration. Weiners make the world a better place.

  8. You do such fun things on/near Mother's Day!

    Pooch Smooch! I love it! Even if he/she wasn't as pretty as Phoebe.

  9. Okay, I had no idea they had wiener dog races???

    There are so many parts of this that are absolutely hilarious, I almost don't know where to begin. A wiener kissing booth, "Bitch magnet", hahahaha. Oh, and clearly your dog is much better looking, I mean look at that face!

    So funny.

  10. Such cute wieners. I'm not a big wiener girl, myself. Dear God, that sentence just has all kinds of twisted in it! What I meant to say was, I'm not a huge fan of wiener pups, but those guys are some kind of cute!

  11. Good Morning Dawn! I can't believe how big of an event that Wiener Dog race is, can't believe all the people. More people should go to wiener events I swear the world would be a happier more friendly place! I had a wiener dog when I was young. Her name was Dutchy, who knows why. I would definitely have done the pooch smooch. Who could resist that face?

  12. I loved it .............!!!


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