Monday, March 8, 2010

Sentence selections smart, stirring, silly, super.

Last week I put out a challenge to my Aunt’s posse, as well as my faithful readers, to create a sentence of up to 12 words, with each word starting with the same letter. We have had some very clever entries.

Here they are in alphabetical order:

Darling Dawn dauntingly delves deep, deeper…discerning, delightful, dreadful, dingy, dubious ditties.


Making Monday’s merry means making mischief my main motivator.


Mister Man mostly misses me Misses moist Monday morning massages mainly.


Monica Madison, Minneapolis movie mogul, manipulated many.


Playful, peppy, puppy punished providing playful, puzzling playthings.


Scorned, sensitive spirit sends soul-searching sentiments…searing silence…suicide.


Time to tell Thomas to take Thelma to testify to the truth.


Wood’s wenches wreck wrongdoer’s worth.


Zany zoologist Zarathustra zipped zealously Zimbabewards, zestfully zooming Zues’s zillionth Zamboni.


The judges had a lot of fun discussing the entries and were amazed at the creativity. When the votes were tallied, the Merry Monday sentence had the most votes. Congratulations to Tracey M.!

Stayed tuned for future non-math contests. Next time, I might even have a prize!


  1. They were all great! But, I think you got it right. Oy Vey, too taxing for my little brain.

  2. Yeah, I like the Monday one, too, although major props to the person who used the letter Z. Now that's ambitious!

  3. Out of those I definitely like the Monday one best. I missed the challenge, :( but I'm throwing mine out there anyway, just because it's an interesting thing to try to do.

    People pass polite pleasantries, periodically peppering playing preschoolers practicing perfect puppy prudence.



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