Monday, March 1, 2010

A good word costs no more than a bad one – English proverb

The bad ones are just more fun to say. We can talk about that another time. What I wanted to tell you today, is that we have a new contest!

Over the weekend, my uncle sent out an email with the prospect of another contest. It was really just a teaser, and had the potential to be all about math (as his tend to be). Well, that just got us all fired up for a new contest, so I thought of a quick one and sent it out. So far, it’s been well received.

I was trying to save this for after my trip next month, as I had planned to bring back a cool prize. I’ll still bring back a prize, but we’ll have another contest then. For this one, it’s just warm fuzzies and thoughts of puppies. (there is a small possibility of a vacuum cord chewing puppy being offered-but honestly? you don’t want her)

Okay, here is your mission, should you choose to accept it:

Create a sentence of up to 12 words, each word starting with the same letter.

Example: Chelsea conspicuously chose chocolate cherries, clearly craving candy.

The entries will be judged by my brunch guests on Saturday (before they drink all the Mimosas!) and the winner announced next Monday. (P.S. if you’re a brunch guest, you can either judge or be judged- not both)

So as not to be slammed with a million sentences, I have asked there be only one entry per person, so send in your best one!

Put your thinking caps on and have fun!


  1. Oh! For Fun!!!!
    I swear, Dawn, you make me think to hard for a Monday morning!

  2. Oooh, fun, I'm already coming up with bits and pieces of fun sentences. I'll work on a good one!

  3. Mister Man mostly misses me Misses moist Monday morning messages mainly.

  4. Here you go:

    Zany zoologist Zarathustra zipped zealously Zimbabwewards, zestfully zooming Zeus's zillionth Zamboni.

    -Christina Dalcher


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