Thursday, March 4, 2010

Driving me to drink…more

I have had a busy week. I know some most of you think I sit around and eat bonbons all day, but that really is not the case. I sit around and drink vodka all day. You know, I raised three kids almost stone cold sober, but these dogs are driving me to drink. I swear to goodness, you would, too, if you had to deal with the likes of this:

This is my vacuum cleaner

This is my vacuum cleaner after a certain bulldog got bored while mommy was writing her blog:

I took it to the vacuum repair shop (yes, they really do still have those) where they told me it would cost more than I paid for the vacuum to replace the cord. *sigh* You know, if I had a really expensive vacuum cleaner it would have one of those thingies that pulls the cord back in and I wouldn’t need to come to the vacuum repair store and spend my spring sandal money to get the cord replaced. Well, hell, let’s be honest, if I could afford one of those really expensive vacuum cleaners, I could afford a maid to come vacuum for me and take her vacuum with her so my dog wouldn’t chew up the cord. Anyway, since I never really liked that vacuum cleaner to begin with, I wasn’t going to pay that much money to get it fixed, so off to Wal-Mart I went to get a new vacuum.

I got one especially designed for pet hair, but you’re not allowed to use it on the actual dog. It says so all over the box. Seems to me if they made one you could genuinely use on the dog, it would take out an unnecessary step. But whatever.

Oh, and while all that was going on, I recovered the cornice board.

IMG_2349   IMG_3221

See? I really do do stuff.


  1. I'm thinking that you need to be giving the DOGS the vodka. That way they'll nap instead of eating your vacuum. Man, I'm a genius.

  2. Lona thinks the vacuum cleaner is the devil or an evil monster so I'm sure if she had the chance she would chew it up, too. Dogs...le sigh...what can you do? they do crappy stuff like that and then they lay next to you on the couch and cuddle and give you the puppy dog "I love you" eyes.

  3. Well all i can say is , it is a good thing it was unpluged, or maybe you would have to come back to Florida to get another one.

  4. Oooh, I like the cornice board! Do you have no window coverings on that door, or is it blinds that have been pulled up? I don't think I could live with a window that had no coverings. What if someone climbed a fence and got a ladder and scaled my house to look through my eyebrow windows? That could happen!

  5. Love the cornice!

    I vacuum my dog all the time. She LOVES it. The pups are afraid of the vacuum. I try to show them how much their mom enjoys a little suction on her fur, but they'll have nothing to do with it.

  6. I have an Oreck and took it to the Dr. yesterday too. It had to have a few parts replaced and boy what a difference it made when I got home and used it again! I'm in love all over again :)

  7. Cecilia ignores the vacuum. I actually have to nudge her with it to get her to move out of the way!

    Sorry you had to get a new one, but can you please post a review of it? Does it REALLY work better on dog hair?


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