Monday, March 29, 2010

Back to life…

…back to reality.

The reality is that CGMan is coming home to Austin. Without a job. The company who hired him and moved him to the other side of the world has now decided they don’t need him anymore, after only a year. I suppose I should be glad I didn’t pack up house and hounds and move there at the beginning. I know some others who have done just that, leaving behind family and friends to move to a new city, buy a new house, only to have the job fall through. I don’t know how you’re doing it, Shelly.

I’m thankful we were able to have one last vacation. I used to laugh at CGMan for all his pre-planning and pre-paying, but it sure came in handy this time, as our trip to Egypt was taken care of before the ax came down. 

So now I’m sitting here in Abu Dhabi, a year after I came out to set up house, waiting for the movers to come, so I can take down the house. Luckily, the pack rat, aka CGMan, didn’t have enough time to amass too much stuff. I have gone through the house while he’s been out, throwing things away. I mean, really, how many bath puffies does one need? He had a dozen of them under the sink!

He also has a tendency to save ticket stubs, (which actually came in handy as I tried to remember the temples we visited- but really? a year later? No.) brochures and greeting cards. You may be thinking “aww, he saves all the greeting cards” -- don’t. Because 87643 years later, when you’re packing up for a move and you find three drawers full of greeting cards, you’ll really just want to wring his neck. And honestly, how many times has he looked at the cards since they were given to him? Nev.Er. If they’re just taking up space in a drawer, they’re trash.  He also had about a dozen empty cigar boxes. And not even the nice wooden ones that I give to Wow, but the little cardboard ones that serve no purpose other than to house frogs found in the yard. If you happen to be seven!

As you can see, I’ve been busy. I’ve also been busy playing online Scrabble with CGMan. That’s right, online. While we sit at our laptops at opposite ends of the table. We are so weird. It’s also safer, as there have been times when I wanted to throw a tile right in his eye. If you’ve ever played a board game with your husband…you know exactly what I mean. Isn’t amazing how the man who will hold open the door for you, kill a bug for you and carry the heavy bags, will change his spots the minute he sits down for a game (of anything) with you? All he wants to do is kick my ass! And this last game, he did. Big time. I hope the conquering hero/macho man attitude will stay with him long enough to get home to kill scorpions for me.

The silver lining in all of this? Because there is always a silver lining. Is that the next move we’ll be together, wherever that may be (pleasepleaseplease be south of the Mason-Dixon line!). And we’ve found we are enjoying our empty nest…together.

I’m thinking a bath puffy give-away! Everyone’s a winner!! …Hello? anyone there?


  1. No puffies needed here. I use my hands and a bar of soap the ole fashioned way. Good luck in the move. I feel for him job wise. I’m having to think of a new horizon too, but you’ll be together now.

  2. Sorry about the job Dawn. I hope your new move is somewhere lovely.

  3. Um, pass on the bath puffies. ;)

    I'm sorry to hear about the job. I hope something new pops up to fill its place quickly. Something in the same zip code as you, ideally!

  4. You can NEVER have too many bath puffies Dawn. Keep your eye on that silver lining. Best Wishes

  5. Looking forward to reading about your next adventure, wherever you and CG end up! If you come to Baltimore look me up. :)

  6. I ahve fifteen bath puffies of my own, so thanks but no thanks. Good luck with your future adventures with CGMan!

  7. I'm actually selfishly glad the job thing fell through. I know... shame on me.

    But if you can't stay within walking distance of my house, it'll be much easier travelling to visit you in THIS hemisphere!

  8. Here's hoping the job is exactly where you want it to be.

    As far as the "scrabble" thing. I'm the same way, I will do ANYTHING for my girlfriend and yet when it comes time to play a board game or something, I will do whatever I can within the rules to win......unless I can tell that she really needs to win and then I will ever so stealthily allow her to win. For any time I lose, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  9. What the hell is a bath puffy and why would your CGMan have so many?? Glad yall are going home together. I have just loved all your adventures!! Thanks again for sharing them with me over here in GA.

  10. I am sure you guys have the silver lining on your side. Glad CG is going to be back at home with you!


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