Monday, February 22, 2010

The winning never ends….

I got so excited over the results of the ominous contest, that I totally forgot about the Westminster Dog Show.

I’m sure you’ve been on the edge of your seats watching the Olympics. Well, let me tell you! The second half of the dog show was quite exciting indeed. We were breathless as we watched the judge scrutinizing each and every dog on his or her best merits.

This beauty seemed a shoo-in after the bathing suit competition:


It became a race too close to call when this darling gave such a compelling interview:



“What do you want to do in life?”

Well, first, I would like to chase all the squirrels out of Texas. They’re annoying and break into the bird feeders. I believe they would be happier living in Oklahoma. And then, I would like to spread biscuits and happiness to all my fellow canines. I believe there should be a dog in every home. Maybe even two.





Every dog had a good showing. It was wonderful to see so many beautiful canines. But ultimately, the night was won by the foreign beauty. Who can resist the allure of a sexy Scottish accent and long, lovely eyelashes? The judge was enamored with Miss Sadie, and awarded her Best of Show 2010. Well done, Sadie, well done.


My girls are already anticipating next year’s competition, when it will be a whole new dog game.


  1. Miss Sadie was indeed beautiful, but I think your dog in the bathing suit should have taken the whole thing.

  2. I would like to spread biscuits and happiness to all my fellow canines. I believe there should be a dog in every home. Maybe even two!! You are just to much!! How about 3 puppies in every home?? I don't recommend it, ever! But I'm working it out!
    BTW, Sadie was a real winner!

  3. I don't know how they ever could come to a decision with such beauties! I don't know, that dog biscuit statement was pretty profound. In my opinion, there can never be enough photos of dogs! Good work and congrats to all the ladies! You're all winners to have such a nice momma and daddy!

  4. I really needed a smile today and Phoebe (or Zoe, I sometimes get them mixed up) in the life vest is just a precious shot. As is the interview with Zoe (or Phoebe..again, sorry about the mix up).

    Maybe next years, pups!

  5. I have to agree that the dog in the "bathing suit" should have taken that competition hands down!

  6. Of course your dogs should have won! Swimsuit competition alone...I guess she was just too much woman for the judges!


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