Friday, February 5, 2010

Identity issues…




  <—This is a bird.








                     This is a bird –>





Birdbath Robin




  <—This is also a bird.







                                                 ^  This is NOT a bird.  ^

Even with her “diverse lineage” (read: mutt)  I am fairly certain she’s not even a bird dog.

Clearly we have some issues.


  1. Oh, so funny! Dogs will drink anywhere they find water. I'm still grossed out when I come across one of them drinking out of the toilet. How can that even be good? But, mine prefer it over their bowl water.

  2. Technically, she's not actually BATHING in the bird bath, so I don't think a rule has been broken. I'm backin' her up.

  3. looks like a mutt martini to me. I continue to enjoy your daily musings and am now a subscriber. Thank you Sharon for leading me to your blog!

  4. Love love love the puppy! Hey, it does look like fun when the birds do it! :)

  5. It looks like your dog has a squirrel on it's back!

  6. I have pictures of the deer eating out of our bird feeders this past fall. Never realized how long their tongues are.


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