Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Did you know…?

…the average American eats 28 pounds of bananas a year?

…about 1,500 New York residents are bitten every year…by other New Yorkers?

…chewing gum can help improve your memory?

…you cannot burp in space?

…that a part-time bandleader is called a semi-conductor? bahahaha! (see how I threw a little joke in there?)

… the Warner Brothers are named Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack?

…the average American uses about 57 sheets of toilet paper a day?

…Clark Gable was listed on his birth certificate as a girl?

…Sean Connery has a tattoo that say “Mum and Dad”?

…that Dawn in Austin has three kids, who have a total of 11 tattoos and not one of them says “Mom”?

…that a group of hares is called a down? A group of hairs is called a wig.
(see that? I snuck in another joke.)

…that the temperature of milk inside the cow is 101°F?

…the bottom of the Grand Canyon is above sea level?

…that my laptop is in the hospital and won’t be home for a week and I am reduced to sitting in the cold computer room to use the ancient desktop PC?


  1. Well, hell. Now I need to go to space. I refuse to believe that you can't burp there.

  2. I can't believe the toilet paper one! Really, 57 sheets? No wonder we're always out of toilet paper! My daughter was reading trivia off the cell phone the other day. She said the average American eats 60 something hot dogs a year. That one shocked me, too. Probably because I'm not lovin' hot dogs. I might have 1. 2 on a good year.

    57 sheets. Wow.

  3. Poor laptop, get well soon!

    One of my college roommates ate toilet paper. I swear I was changing the roll everyday (oh yeah, not only did she eat it but she also never took the empty roll off). I'm a little bit more conservative after that.

  4. I KNEW bananas were the cause of my weight issues.

    And what's up with the Clark Gable as girl thing? How bizarre is that?

  5. Laptop woes are no fun. Hares-Wigs - I like that!

  6. Wow, I'm amazed at half of these. Happy Tuesday evening :)

  7. I use 57 sheets with one decent poo.

  8. All good things to know! Can't wait till my next cocktail party to share my new knowledge. Thank you for the continuing education.

  9. I knew this young woman who wore a group of hairs called a fall. I called it a hang.


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