Thursday, January 14, 2010

The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten…

-- Calvin Coolidge

Last night I watched a movie that made me cry all the way through it. You might be thinking it was some uber chick flick, but let me assure you, it was far from it. I don’t know if you remember an email from a few years ago that circled the globe about the Marine Lt. Col. who escorted a fallen Marine home to Wyoming. It was called “Taking Chance”. I remember it well. I cried every time I read it, and I read it every time it came into my inbox.

Last night, I watched the HBO movie of the same name, "Taking Chance”. I don’t have HBO, so didn’t even know this had been made into a movie. I found it on my Netflix and I am so glad I did. I loved it. Kevin Bacon played the Lt. Col. who escorted PFC Chance Phelps home to his family, after he was killed in Iraq. He did an awesome job. Lt. Col.  Strobl and  Kevin Bacon, that is.

Even though I was very familiar with the story, it brought home to me the importance of all our military personnel. It doesn’t matter whether one has been in combat or behind a desk. Every job they do is an important one.

It also reminded me that even though it’s not in the headlines every single day like it was at the beginning, we still have military personnel in the four corners of the globe and they are in danger every day. They are there for us and for countries who are too small to stand up for themselves. We also have military personnel right here in America. Don’t think for a minute because they’re not over “there” that their jobs are any less important.

I am a Marine Mom.

My son is proud of his job and the country he stands for. My son has seen combat (more times than this mom cares to think about), my son has worked behind a desk. And my son has escorted his fallen brothers home. I am proud of him as he performs each of these jobs.

I couldn’t help but think of him as I watched this movie. Every single thing they do is for the respect and dignity of the person who gave everything he had for his country. I pictured my Marine, as he did what I would consider to be the hardest job of the Corps, taking a young man home to be laid to rest. He shared with me stories similar to what I saw in this movie, how people were kind and respectful. How he was moved by what he saw in the hometowns.

My hope in sharing this with you, is not to wait until one is on his final journey home to be kind and respectful. Be kind and respectful now. Be thankful for them. Be proud of all of them. Our military is awesome. No other country has what we have. Men and women, a lot of whom make this their whole life, work hard to protect our country and do the jobs that some most of us aren’t cut out for. It isn’t for everybody, that’s for sure. But for those who volunteer, in my eyes, you’re all heroes. Thank you.

I encourage you to read the story of “Taking Chance” , you can find it here.

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