Friday, January 15, 2010

…and then he changed the ending!

Last night I had a great visit with one of my besties. We were comparing notes on our husbands chatting about our day, which is something we do every time we get together hardly ever do, when she told me her husband did something totally unexpected. Just when she thought she how he would react to a given situation, he threw a curve ball at her.

Yesterday, her son had an accident in his car. Not an hour later, she was rear ended in her car. And her hubs didn’t even get mad! I would have thought for sure he would blow his top. At least, I thought CGMan would have and therefore her husband would, too. But noooo, he had to go and be all understanding and everything.

After having said that to her about CGMan, I was reminded of the time the boys and I were messing around in the Skater’s bedroom. The Marine was about 16 at the time and the Skater about 9, and I was about mhbmhbm. Let’s just say that two of us were old enough to know better than to have a free-for-all in the bedroom.

I was watching the two boys wrestling and decided my baby was at a distinct disadvantage, so I decided to help him out. I jumped on the Marine’s back (I was also mhbmbdh pounds lighter then) and began to pummel him about the head and shoulders. Skater jumped in with a couple of well placed sucker punches. The next thing we knew, the Marine was twirling around trying to shake me off his back and pick up the Skater by the scruff of the neck. He didn’t take into account how small the room was as he started backing up, and he backed my butt right into the wall. Literally.

Talk about hearing the crickets chirping. It was dead still in that room as the three of us looked at what should have been a small hole, considering my butt wasn’t all that big (right?), but was in fact, a pretty large hole in the wall. We each looked at the other two, “You’re his favorite, you go tell him”.

I decided I should be the one to tell him, since technically, I was the adult in the situation.  I headed down the stairs with a heavy heart to tell him what had happened and that it was really an accident and yes, I know we shouldn’t have been roughhousing in the house and we’re really sorry and we’ll mow lawns to fix it, blah blah blah.

He came up the stairs and into the room where the boys were standing with fear in their eyes. He looked at the wall and said, “Well, it looks like we have a hole in the wall” He asked how it happened and the boys started talking at once: “hewassuckerpunchingmeandhewastryingtopullmyearsoffandthenmomjumpedonhisback andherammedherintothewall”

CGMan just stood there, then said, “Well, I guess there’s only one thing to be done” (The boys had pictures of endless groundings and torture chambers, I just know it!) and he placed the skateboard calendar over the hole.

I was shocked, too! I mean, if there was ever something to get mad over, it would have been this. But he didn’t. He recognized that sometimes s**t happens. And the fact that we were having fun when it happened, well, that was just a blessing.

I’m glad for my bestie that her husband is the same understanding kind of guy my husband is and not the hot-heads that we seem to think they are. Maybe now I can tell CGMan about backing over the lawn mower.


  1. I love it! We are lucky to have them!

    Really... they are the luckiest men in the world since they were able to snag us! It's like they won the wife lottery! Right?

  2. I finally realized that all the made up, blown out of proportion, imagined reactions I'd attribute to The Man in a given situation never actually happen. He can be quite reasonable, or at least, his fuse isn't blown as long as I expected.

    Now me, on the other hand, WAY over-react. Maybe that's why I had such a hard time with kids yesterday? Nah. Can't be THAT.

  3. Wow, that's a wonderful reaction! Good for CGMan and your friend's hubby. Yep, they surprise us every now and then.

    And thank goodness for calandars/posters/frames pictures.

  4. Oh, husbands...they are so wonderfully predictably unpredictable, aren't they? lol

  5. So happy for your outcome and your bestie's. :)
    It reminded me of when I put $75.00 worth of gas in the Sweetheart's new diesel truck :{ He was so wonderful about it I'm still shocked. I guess we never really know until it all comes down. Happy weekend.

  6. thats so funny because i remember your butt hole in the wall......ewwww.....that doenst sound so good.....i remember the hole of your butt in the wall.....ewww...try again....i remember the hole your butt made in the wall....much better...and the way i remember it....the hole...not the butt....well the hole was was your butt

  7. Husbands are tricky that way, aren't they?

  8. Ha! Great story. My husband is more the freak-out type. I find myself saying to my girls at least once a week "DON'T tell Daddy." Sometimes they throw me under the bus without realizing it and I'm all "Dude."

    Thanks for delurking!

  9. Ha! We had a hole in the wall, too, but it was my husband who did it. He was changing my daughter's diaper while kneeling on the bed in the middle of the night. Crawling to the end to toss the diaper in the trash, he ran out of bed before he thought he would. Landed on his head on the floor and, yup, his butt went through the wall!


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