Monday, January 25, 2010

It’s okay, they know me here…

Last night, I dreamed I couldn’t sleep.

It was a really long dream about how I hadn’t slept in like three days and I think I might have been going crazy. When I woke up this morning, I was all, “How many days have I been awake? I don’t want to go even more crazy!”

On a totally unrelated note, I am teaching Zoe how to sneeze on command. She already knows how to sneeze when she gets something up her nose. She likes doing tricks and sneezes pretty well, until I get the video camera out. Then she acts like she has no idea what I’m talking about. Zoe no habla Englisi.


I would like to teach Phoebe not to drool while watching Zoe do tricks. It really makes a mess on the floor, and you know she’s not going to clean it up. And then later on, I’ll be walking through to get yet another snack out of the fridge and hit the puddle of drool, slip and fall right on my keester. Maybe I should teach Zoe something useful, like calling 911.

Speaking of phones, I suppose I should put down the iPhone and do something important. You know, other than making the dog think she has hay fever. One of my friends suggested I play a game with her over the iPhone. I told her I really wasn’t into games, but would give it a try. If I could fit it into my busy schedule of nose wiping and drool mopping. I found the app and now I am so hooked on this game!

It’s called Words with Friends and it’s just like Scrabble. It’s only taken a day, but I am addicted. There is no math! This is definitely a game I can live with. And live with it, I do. I’m checking it every 20 seconds to see if she’s made her play, because I already have my next word in mind. But, she has three kids and a husband and stuff, so she’s not sitting on top of her iPhone like I am. Basically, she has a life.

If you want to play, you can find me in my own little world, dreaming of insomnia.


  1. Dogs are the best time wasters. I think I spent forty-five minutes petting lona's soft ears while thinking " I should get up and do laundry/clean the bathroom/wash the dishes".

    Interent games are great time wasters, too.

  2. I just discovered Scrabble on Facebook, so now have three different games going with three different friends. I think one of them is using an online Scrabble "helper." Because the words she is coming up with are not...words I think come up in everyday conversation, you know?

    On another note, my parents used to have a dog that would sneeze on command. It was hilarious.

  3. How did you teach your dog to sneeze? Cecilia does it all the time but not on cue... (creds will not verify - ugh!)

  4. What's an iPhone?


    I kid, because otherwise I'd cry that I will never have an iPhone.

  5. I'm still learning how to use my iTouch. Still don't know how to put songs on it but I do have 4 apps. I'd say I'm getting there :)

  6. The fact that it even occurred to you to teach your dog to sneeze on command is so awesome. Somehow I don't think my cats will go for it, though.


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