Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Home is where you can say anything you please, because nobody pays any attention to you anyway…

Yes, I am home. Finally. I had very good intentions of keeping up with the blog, but as you can see, that didn’t work out so well. I can’t help it, I was distracted. By what, you might ask. Well, let me just give you some highlights:

First, there was the trip to see where the Marine works. He is a recruiter and his office is in the mall. We went in and delivered cookies to his coworkers, since they had to work while the Marine was on leave. The Skater came in some time after us and told the on-duty guys he wanted to be a marine. The other recruiters didn’t know this was the Marine’s brother. Yeah, my boys are as opposite as night and day. One is a peace loving, pierced and tattooed free spirit and the other is the poster boy for the Marine Corps. The “Gotcha!” moment was priceless.

Then I was distracted by taking the Marine and his Sunshine to the zoo. How can one think about a blog when all this is going on?

IMG_0045IMG_0054IMG_0055  IMG_2947IMG_2957--->IMG_2958   IMG_2948

While the feeding the giraffes and watching the masked lovebirds make out was really eeww cool, it was this little tidbit in the restaurant that had us in stitches. Remember, it doesn’t take much to amuse us.

Speaking of simple things to amuse us, Sunshine almost wet her pants when the Marine bent over to pick up some loose feed and a swan reached out of the water and pecked him on the side of the head. She says he screamed like a girl, he says he screamed like a Marine Marines don’t scream. Because that was so funny, rather than let any other passers-by know about the rabid swan, we just stood off to the side to watch him do it again, and again.

After the zoo, we stopped to see family. It’s always such a nice visit, with many stories to share and pictures to take:

IMG_0063 IMG_0061

We had a great time on New Year’s Eve with our dearest and oldest friends (not oldest as in age, because we have friends who are a lot older than them!) It was a family party, which meant there were kids. Which meant there were boy kids with new nerf guns they got for Christmas. Which meant the Marine only lasted about 20 minutes before he started giving them battle advice and another 10 minutes before he commandeered a gun and started a 3 boys against one Marine war. During a break in the action he asked his Sunshine for two things: a set of nerf guns, and when she reminded him he needed a kid to play with, he asked if he could get one this age so he could play with it right away.

IMG_0066 IMG_0070

Finally it was time to head home. There’s really nothing exciting about a two day road trip through the desert and West Texas. Except for this! -


We saw signs for The THING every half mile for about 50 miles. We had to stop.




This was not the Thing.







This car was believed to have been used by Adolf Hitler, the thing is, it can’t be proved. So it’s not The Thing.





Neither are these, although they’re pretty weird, hunh? The book in the back is The White House Cookbook ca. 1887.

 IMG_2974 IMG_2975

As creepy as this is, although not as creepy as a scorpion, it was also not The Thing.


For those of you who have been with me a while, you might remember my love for Roadside America, so you’ll understand that I can’t really show you The Thing. It would spoil it for all the other people who travel through the boring desert to find a little amusement. I will tell you, it’s not this, either:


That about wraps up all the reasons I didn’t keep up my blog for the last week.
I am so full of distractions, but I’ll try to get back on track. I’ve missed you.

Join me tomorrow when we discuss why they would make a plastic keeper this small:

IMG_2983 IMG_2985 

Who the hell saves one brussel sprout?


  1. Good pictures! Thanks! Sorry we don't get to see the "Thing" though. As far as the little plastic keeper? I agree, one brussel sprout doesn't cut it, but it would be perfect for a lime wedge or a couple of olives for an emergency adult beverage.

  2. Welcome back Dawn! Maybe some leftover chopped garlic in the container?

    Happy New Year!

  3. Gah! Now I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight, wondering what "The Thing" is!

    Looks like you had a wonderful new year with family and friends. Welcome back! And I always add bacon to my veggie burger...don't you? ;)

  4. So that’s it. I was wondering why I got a comment from you in Scottsdale, Arizona.

    Now I’m going to wonder what the heck “The Thing” is.

    We missed you too.

  5. Glad to have you back. That wrapping-a-cat video just wasn't cutting it for me anymore.

  6. Blogger foul! You must tell us what The Thing is!

    I agree saving one brussel sprout is ridiculous. But what if you wanted to save twelve peas?

    (Glad you're back). :)

  7. I have those little containers too...use them for salad dressings and dip for lunches...they're perfect! We're so glad you came to visit, we had lots of fun :)

  8. I've driven past the signs for The Thing 6 times now, and was unwilling to stop each time. Why can't you just TELL me so I don't have to wonder the next time?

    I also use those little containers for ranch dressing for veggies and salads. I also use them for vitamin storage when we travel. See how useful they are?

  9. Awe the Marine said he wanted a GRAND~child for you! Even a little older it's still a GRAND :)
    I loved your pictures and you are so cute. I went to the Zoo last week too. It was the best day of the week for me.
    Welcome home.


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