Friday, January 8, 2010

Be careful, that bolt is what’s holding his head on…

Yesterday, my totally cool friend Jenn (and I say that not only because she’s awesome, she also lives in Maine where it is frozen. Cool, get it??) so, anyway, Jenn wrote a most hilarious blog about her Frankenfinger. I couldn’t keep from laughing right out loud. Really, go there and read about it, I’ll wait.

You’re back now?

While I was waiting, I remembered the time CGMan made cocktails for me and my girlfriend, Sharon, who then went home and proceeded to cut the tip of her thumb off with her new knife. (Be careful, BD, don’t drink and slice with that new Santoku)

Right after I had finished reading Jenn’s blog, CGMan came in and asked me to change his bandaids from the mole removing procedure he had yesterday….



Does anyone else see the humor in this?

FrankenSteve had his bolts removed yesterday! Oh, I crack myself up!


  1. I LOVE it! Tell FrankenSteve that I happen to think his stitches look very dashing. He needs a better story, though. Can't you tell people that he was knifed in a bar fight? So much cooler...

  2. FrankenSteve is just... scary. That is a serious scar. He will definitely need to make up a tough guy story to go with it.

  3. Oh, that looks like it hurts much.
    He's tough though but yeah he needs a better story to go with such a beauty!

  4. I kid you not, my verification word on that last comment was " gashazer"! Good one!

  5. Wow, it seems like everytime he comes home, he gets cut up in one way or another. The people in the UAE are going to start thinking you abuse him!

  6. Ok, the Frankenfinger story made me snicker. I'm going to have to add that to my read list.

    I'm with BD, I think your husband should come up with a wicked reason why he's got the scar, like her was in a knife fight. And he can be all "you should see the other guy."

  7. Yeeouch! That looks painful! I did get a good giggle out of the Frankenfinger story. :)

  8. Actually, I was getting a straight razor shave from my barber and he noticed I was wearing my Ohio State Rose Bowl Winner t-shirt when his hands started trembling about being in the presence of a Buckeye and his hand slipped and cut me. I would have kicked his ass, but when I saw him down on his knees bowing to me, I remembered never to kick a man when he is down. GO BUCKS!

  9. Bossy agrees, the stitches are very rogue.

  10. Just visiting from June's place and may I say...


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