Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It’s Wednesday…

I had every intention of writing something every day here on the take-a-look-into-Dawn’s-world little blog. But as we all know, something about the holidays takes like 10 hours off every single day, leaving no time to accomplish anything that is not holiday related.

In anticipation of sharing stories with you, I took a few photos. You know, because everybody likes a story with pictures. Now I can’t remember a single one the moment has passed, but I still have the photos.

Being as how it’s Wednesday, Wordless Wednesday for those of you who can actually go wordless, I will share the pictures and you can make up your own stories. Doesn’t that sound like a cop-out fun?










  1. Please, if you could send me the recipe for the snowman cheeseball or whatever that is I would greatly appreciate it 'cause I want one of my very own!

    Also, I started drooling when I saw the christmas cookies. AND, the dog helping with the plumbing problem was classic. Love it!

    If I don't get to your blog tomorrow 'cause I'll be busy, have a very Merry Christmas, Dawn!

  2. Merry Christmas my blog friend! That's a very impressive array of baked goods you got going there. I wished I lived next door so I could steal a plate!

  3. Wow, you win this year! Great job and beautiful pictures :)


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