Monday, December 14, 2009

For the person who has everything…

I’m lucky to be home. I mean, it’s a good thing I was able to get out of Ohio, what with the blizzard and all. Okay, technically? It wasn’t a blizzard as much as a dusting of snow. But I’m from Texas and I don’t know how much snow it takes to keep an airplane on the ground. I’m just glad I made it out safely.

And to show my gratitude, I’m going to give away something special. That’s right, a give away! I love to give away.

In fact, at the airport in Ohio, I gave away iTunes gift cards in Christmas cards to all the servicemen I saw. It is so rewarding to go up to them, many of them so young, and shake their hands, thanking them for their service. On your holidays travels, be sure to give a warm handshake to those who volunteer to serve and protect our country. They are awesome.

Okay, back to the give away. I am going to give away something I know you don’t have and something I know your neighbors don’t have.


Not just any chocolate, chocolate made with camel milk. That’s right, the milk from a camel! How cool is that? There is only one chocolatier that makes camel milk chocolate, Al Nassma. I’m not sure if it’s shipped globally as yet, but one can find it around Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Aren’t you the lucky ones to have a friend like me to bring some back for you? And believe me, if I could have, I would have brought a camel home so I could start my own camel milk chocolate business. I’ll bet you thought I was going to say that I would have brought you each a bar of camel milk chocolate. Yeah, that would have been a good idea, wouldn’t it? Wish I had thought of that. But since I didn’t, I’m going to give away these two bars of chocolate made with camel milk.



Oooh, won’t you be the envy?

The winner will receive two bars of Al Nassma chocolate, one of which is whole milk chocolate and the other has dates. You can keep both of them for your very own self, or you can dip into your holiday spirit and share with a friend. Santa won’t judge. much.

Since it’s Christmas, let’s say your entry for these truly yummy bars of chocolate (I know, I tasted!) is a Random Act of Kindness. An idea that I might have stolen from June, but I like to think of it more as “paying it forward”. There can never be too many acts of kindness. So, go forth and do something nice for someone else, then report back here in the comments. I’ll take acts of kindness all week and draw a winner on Friday.

There are no blizzards today in Texas and it’s a balmy 65°, so I’m going to go play outside with the dogs. Since I don’t have a camel to milk ride.


  1. My random act of kindness?? Well, forming "the club", of course!!!

  2. I'll definately "pay it forward" 'cause you know waht? I want to eat a chocolate bar made with camel's milk. Taht's almost as cool as getting a camel!

  3. You had me at "chocolate."

    Well, last week the girls and I chose two kids from the angel tree at their school and bought each of them a pile of presents. So much fun!

    Today... hmmm... today I smiled sweetly and chatted a long time with the seriously skeevy, slightly smelly, but apparently lonely man who was pumping my gas (not a euphemism). Does that count?

  4. Forgot to say ... I think your giving iTunes cards to servicemen is AWESOME!

  5. I haven't left the house all day so I'll take you up on that offer :)

  6. Don't you randomly act kindly toward me, it might cause my insurance premiums to go up.

  7. RAK-gave up my place in line at the grocery store. In the past 10 years, I don't think anyone has ever done that for me.....maybe I always have too much stuff :) ....followed your from June's blog-enjoyed reading yours~Happy Holiday!

  8. I came across a 60+ year old blind man trying to cross the street. I attempted to help him cross, but realized he was trying to make it to the bus station. So, I just offered him a ride since it was over a mile away.

    Although, I probably negated a little of my "goodness" because I was actually a little scared my body might be found in a field because this guy wasn't really blind.

  9. Oooh - I want one, just so I can give it do my daughter. AFTER she eats it I'll tell her it's from camel's milk. She gets the "heebie-jeebies" really easy.

    Wonder why I never got "Mother of the Year"??


  10. i always give something to toys for favorite way is at toys r us where the poor young marine gets stuck with guarding the bin. I go buy whatever they have good on the end aisles.....tickle me it and go straight to the marine bin and drop it in............
    but the toll booth game is also for the guy behind you.....especially when then have a travel partner for awhilw

  11. I made a donation to my favorite local charity! They buy new beds for families in need at Christmas!

  12. I just finished wrapping 12 presents for 6 nursing home residents that our Adult Bible Fellowship group is sponsoring this Christmas. We bought them all blankets and I had a neighbor embroider their names on them. Then we bought slippers, socks and either a hat (man) or Christmas pins (women).

    We've been visiting the residents monthly, bringing them something holiday themed, or a craft my girls made. Now we get a chance to share Christmas with them!


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