Monday, November 23, 2009

State of mind…

state of mind- noun
a temporary psychological state

Yes, my friends, I have entered that temporary psychological state known as “Christmas Season”.  I can’t help it, I just get so excited with the holidays.

I know this year I pushed the envelope by putting up my tree the day after Halloween. But truly, there were extenuating circumstances.  I wasn’t then in the Christmas state of mind. I was merely being pragmatic for my return to Austin on the first of December. I wanted to be ready. Ready for Christmas.

But now? Now that it is officially the holiday season? I am one with Christmas! Let the baking begin!

Actually, the baking won’t truly begin until I get home to my nice, big kitchen with the double wall ovens. It’s a little hard to think about the batches and batches of Christmas cookies when looking at this little propane heated ovenette.

 IMG_2580 IMG_2581

But know this…even while I’m in Abu Dhabi, I am thinking about Christmas cookies.

And for the curious, yes, the stores here are now being decorated for the Christian holiday known as Christmas. I’ve mentioned before that the population of Abu Dhabi is more than 70% non-Arab. Of those, over half are non-Muslim. Being good businessmen, they cater to their biggest clientele, the expatriate Christmas shopper.

I found it quite interesting to see the Muslim ladies walking through the mall that was being decorated with 100 foot Christmas trees. When I’m out next, I’ll get a picture or two.

Until then, I’ll be looking at cookie recipes and listening to Christmas music on my iPod.


  1. You are like a child in a Christmas candy store my dear. Just so you know, Sharon and I took your tree down, 'cos it's SO last season. Your house is now decorated with Valentines...

  2. I love your "State of MInd" and I love your beautiful new wall paper. You have gone Christmas!

  3. I think you need to have the state of your mind evaluated by a professional. BUT... if your current state of mind means I get my own batch of Dawn's Christmas Goodies, then you go crazy!

    And don't listen to Scottish Woman - she's wearing the sash! We didn't touch your decorations. I don't even like taking down my own tree!

  4. YES! I love christmas time. I helped J's mom make our first batches of cookies on Thursday. And I think I'm going to stop on my way home and pick up Christmas lights 'cause it's warm enough to put them up and not freeze my cute lil behind off.

    Can't wait to see your pics showing off your christmas spirit!


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