Monday, November 2, 2009

The presence of presents…

Okay. I know I asked for this. Here I was, thinking I was so clever in being able to rush the holidays for my own enjoyment. But there is a price for everything.

This is mine…

It’s going to be a long holiday season.


  1. Is there a comment I can leave here that does not disparage the mental acuity of your dog? I think not. Oh, wait: Merry Christmas!

  2. That is hilarious. I would love to see them encounter a real threat breaking into your home, like Santa Claus!

    I'm sure you feel so safe now.

  3. What an adorable scaredy dog! Just precious. Poor thing. I can see how a wrapped present would be scary.

  4. FYI, while the Little Woman and I was cluster-cleaning the house this Sunday, she cleared a spot for the Xmas tree. Toldya, you have competition for the first trees to arrive.

    AND, on that video, that is so 2001, A Space Odyssey of you, monolith planted by aliens on the monkeys and changed their whole course of life and understanding from that point onward kind of thing. You might as well pack those puppies up and send them to Uncle Audubon’s and Aunt Little Woman’s for rehab and counseling.

  5. It is a very threatening looking present. :)


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