Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Speechless Wednesday…

While walking through the woods and scrubland the other day with Zoe and Phoebe, we came upon some horseback riders out for a ride. Having never met horses before, I wish I had had my camera to capture the looks on their faces.

It looked kinda like this:


IMG_1629 (2)B

They were speechless.


  1. That is funny. I can just imagine what they were thinking. Good thing they were there to protect them.

  2. My dawg goes, "Whoa DADDY! Look at the head on THAT one."

  3. Too funny. When I look at the picture, I even hear that Scooby make his doggie version of "huh" in my mind. You know it's a good picture when your brain creates sound effects to go with it!

    Thanks for the smile this morning!

  4. I can only imagine what they were thinking... "Those are some REALLY BIG dogs!"

  5. I'm with Sharon! Thanks for the laugh. Bitzie


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