Monday, October 5, 2009

I got nothin…

There is the rare day when I wake up and have nothing going on in my head. (I heard that!) Most of the time I have lists, projects, birthdays and appointments to remember. But today…I got nothin.

While I was sitting here with my coffee and the dogs frolicking under my desk, and by frolicking I mean having king of the mountain dog wars, I tried to get my brain in gear. I tried to think of a topic worthy of my modest fan base. Some clever anecdote or even a good recipe to share.




Yeah, I got nothin.


  1. Continue to talk about how awesome that soup recipe is. I made it Saturday night, and we plowed through the whole thing in one sitting. Deeeeee-licious!! Thanks for a keeper!

  2. I'm making your soup sometime this week. I will let you know how it turns out. I'm looking forward to a new recipe. Hey, can you be like where I just give you some ingredients I have in my house and you let me know a delicious recipe I can make with my limited ingredients? LOL :)

  3. That has been going on a lot here in GA. too. After 679 posts you just dry up sometimes and I think that is plum okay!! It will come and we will wait :)


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