Friday, September 11, 2009

I think I just ate my willpower…


Dear Jenny Craig,

I must seem like a stranger to you these days. I’m sorry about that. It’s just that CGMan has been home. You know how it is, going out to dinner, to the movies, socializing and stuff. It just doesn’t leave me much time to spend with you. It’s not that I don’t want to hang out with you, it’s just that I can have more when I’m with him. 

We’re going to San Francisco next week and I wish you could come along. I tried to get CGMan to consider taking you, too. Most men fantasize about that very thing, but as it turns out, he’s just not that in to you.

I know you spend a lot of time with all your friends, like me and Valerie and Kirstie, but please don’t tell them how lousy I’ve been about keeping up with our friendship. I wouldn’t want them to think I’m a yo-yo kind of friend.  Although, it seems to me that Kirstie is way worse at keeping in touch than I am!

Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing more of me soon. I’m looking forward to lunching with you and dishing about all the other girls.

See you soon,

Dawn in Austin


  1. Oh, if she loves you, she will wait :)
    I love San Fran! Take soe great pictures!!

  2. That's funny. Dear Jenny: Please also have fresh baked sourdough waiting for me at the St. Francis.

  3. Love it!

    Dear Weight Watchers,
    Hey, guess what? Whole wheat pasta is just not as good as the regular stuff. Please forgive me my gluttony!

    And Jenny, go easy on Dawn. She's celebrating. Besides, I hear calories taken in while on vacation automatically count as negative calories so I think Dawn's in the clear!

  4. Dawn, have a fantastic time in San Francisco. It's one of my very favorite places to visit and most importantly, eat. Go to the Farmer's Market on the Embarcadero and graze all day. And don't worry about kicking Jenny to the curb for week!


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