Friday, September 25, 2009

All good things must end…

CGMan is leaving today to go back to work. And by work, I mean going to meetings, lunches and playing golf. He makes a pretty good wage, the unfortunate part is he does all of that in Abu Dhabi.

We had a great time during the six weeks he’s been home. Well, except for that whole removing the prostate thing. Otherwise, it was a fun visit for him. He leaves me with these little conversational nuggets:

“Do you have any earphones? The ones that came with my iPod are too big. I have small earholes. That’s why I can’t hear you sometimes.”

Sitting on the patio, watching the Skater spread mulch, “You know, some people pay good money to have this done” 
Spreading the 27th bag of mulch, the Skater mumbles, “Those people obviously don’t have kids”

“Why does mud on your shoe come off easier than dog sh*t?”

Calling a pedestrian a dumbass after he almost ran him over while making a right hand turn onto a left hand one way street.

And my personal favorite: “Have some more wine”


Lucky for me, with the advent of Skype, he can continue to amuse me from afar.

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