Thursday, August 20, 2009

Party like a Buckeye…


CGMan has thoroughly enjoyed our brief stay in Columbus. We hit just about every bookstore to stock up on Buckeye stuff. He will be home for the first couple of games this season and is so ready to let the people on our street know who he’s rooting for. (No, he did not buy the big blowup Brutus the Buckeye, but not for lack of wanting)

We are now in the sweet little town of Van Wert, Ohio, and that’s about 20 miles from Rockford, Ohio where the in-laws will be renewing their vows. This would be the closest hotel. It’s a nice one, though, a Holiday Inn Express with an indoor pool. Not like I’m going swimming or anything. I’ve been freezing my butt off chilly ever since we landed. It’s only 76 degrees here. That’s 30 degrees cooler than where I’m from and 50 degrees cooler than where CGMan is from! Thank gawd there’s a Walmart every 10 miles in America. There may only be 4 restaurants in this town, but there is a Walmart. I was able to get a couple of sweaters to wear with the maxi-length sundresses I brought to wear. Who knew it would be autumn here already??

Skater is having a good time skating all over “downtown wherever we are”. He’s pretty laid back and can find fun anywhere. He gets that from me. Not that he wasn’t excited already about the two hour road trip from Columbus to the middle of nowhere Ohio, we promised him some more fun on the way back.

Since there is no lounge in this hotel, we will have to make our own Happy Hour.  No lie, Walmart had everything for a proper Happy Hour. See? I told you we were good at having fun anywhere!



  1. You left right before our cooling trend! It's gonna get down to 96 next week! Bring that sweater back with you!


    I just received in the mail three more strips of "Official Buckeye Helmet Stickers" to put on my official Buckeye football helmet on display in my man-cave. I am pumped.

    A Green Friend of June's Living In That Rotten State Up North

  3. Love me a Wal-Mart happy hour. (Sounds sarcastic. Isn't).

  4. Ok, I'm sorry to tell you this, but my dad was a Wolverine and raised me to be a Michigan fan so I can no longer read your blog. Sorry.

    That would be if I actually cared about college sports. Since I don't, we can still be friends.

    And I was accepted at Ohio State, just went with CEntral Michigan because it's closer and cheaper. I was THIS CLOSE to being a buckeye.

    Enjoy the rest of your Ohio trip!

  5. Why do I think CGman will sneak a blow-up Brutus Buckeye in his return travel bag...

  6. Dawn - you are a woman after my own heart. I would have never guessed Wal-Mart ever stocked fixin's for a Happy Hour. Good times!


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