Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just hanging on his coattails…

CGMan is coming home tonight! Yay!

He hasn’t been home to Austin in 7 months, so I’ve spent the better part of the week thinking about cleaning the house. This morning, the girls tracked mud through the kitchen. See? sometimes procrastination works in my favor.

Have you ever known that one person to whom everyone seems to be drawn? The one who knows no strangers? Will strike up a conversation anywhere, anytime? That’s CGMan. And OMG, if that person is a Buckeye fan? Forget it, we’re there the rest of the evening. The man can talk some football.

Already the invites are coming in. Everyone wants to see CGMan while he’s home. Our social calendar is filling up fast. There have already been snarky comments made about who’s the closer friend when there was a conflict date. I had to remind them that obviously the “nicer” friend was the one who made a reservation to see us a month ago. Get in line people, CGMan is a popular guy. Luckily, I get to go too, because I’m his wife.

If I work this out, I may not have to cook the whole time he’s home!


  1. Welcome home, CGMan. Can't wait to see you! Of course, I'll have to go back in time to make a reservation. You are like a very posh and exclusive restaurant, albeit without being snooty (like your wife). :) Love you both!

  2. Did you just say "snarky"? Us? Never. Seems to me (meaning Sharon and me), that the club should absolutely take priority over everything/one else...

  3. YAY for CGMan coming home! Enjoy your busy social calander while he's home. And you're right, procastination is always better. If I clean the day before a party it is ineveitable that Lona or one of the cats will throw up on my clean floor.
    HAVE FUN!!!!

  4. Awe, how exciting!!!!!!! And romantic and etc, etc, etc....
    That does sound like a great plan for non-cooking :)

  5. Dawn, you've got it all wrong.........people are drawn to YOU....Steve is just along for the ride!!

  6. No cooking? The whole time? Can I come over?

  7. Your CG Man is coming home on my husband's birthday. I think I know what we'll each be doing later tonight.
    Wink, wink.


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