Monday, July 20, 2009

Road tripping with the offspring…

This past weekend, the Girl, the Skater and I drove to Dallas to be with Grandma & Grandpa to celebrate her cancer-free 60th birthday. Believe me, if we’re within driving distance of a party, we’re there. I may have mentioned a time or two hundred that I do love road trips. It really doesn’t matter how near or far, as long as we get to go for a ride in the car.

And a road trip with the kids, well, that’s just plain fun.

the Girl (reading a magazine in the front seat):   Quit reading over my shoulder!

the Skater (crammed into the space between the front seats):   I’m not reading.  I’m looking at the pictures.

Girl: Well quit it!

Skater: It’s just the pictures!

Girl: It’s my magazine!

Skater: The pictures are right there where I can see them!

Girl: Too bad.  Want me to call you a wanh-mbulance?

Twenty minutes later, Skater is sitting in the backseat, eating a brownie pilfered from the leftovers from the party. The Girl gets a whiff of Ghirardelli chocolate brownie with the Symphony bar in the middle.

Girl:  Did you get me one?!

Skater: Nope.

Girl: That’s rude.

Skater: Here, let me get you a wanh-mburger and some french cries.

The “kids”? Are 23 and 19 years old.

Some things never change.


  1. Oh how I miss those road trips. Speaking of which, don't we have one scheduled in a few weeks (while I am HOME) to the great Buckeye State with those two sitting in the back seat....just like old times....minus the oldest one....who I still believe was the instigator of most of the more unpleasant moments of road trips past.

  2. That's the funniest thing and you are so right, somethings never change :)

  3. We just road tripped with the 17 and 15 year old...very, very true. Some things never do change!

  4. Hahahahaha. Yeah, we never grow up. My brothers who are ALL in their thirties still tease me and my sister. Jerks.

  5. My childhood roadtrips always involved new flip-flops (thongs in the 70s) and a Venus Color By Numbers set. Also present were a pair of humorless, frustrated parents and two younger siblings who were no help to me at all.


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