Thursday, July 16, 2009

Living alone…

…has it’s advantages.

When the phone rings? It’s for me.

I have a 5 disc DVD, which equals all Friends, all the time.

The last piece of pizza (with no mushrooms) has my name all over it.

I can set the thermostat to premenopausal arctic a little cooler without having to ask if anyone else is comfortable.

If I don’t like the score of the football game, I can turn it off and go paint my nails.

Every Saturday night, is girls night. Well, me and Zoe and Phoebe…hey! We’re all girls!!

Sometimes I get so caught up in all the good things about living alone, that I forget one of the biggest disadvantages:

Having no one to call for help…



…and having no one to to blame for this!!


  1. BUT... you can waddle through the house with your pants around your ankles and no one will see you. See, always a silver lining if you think about it long enough.

  2. Hahaha, that's brilliant! I so did that the first time I lived alone. Had my own apartment, was all excited about the ME space up until the first time I was trapped with no toilet paper.

  3. Blame Zoe - from what I remember, she likes to play with the powder room paper.
    Train Zoe - from what I remember, she likes to retrieve the newspaper - just teach her to retrieve TP.

  4. Awesome. Yeah, at least you can scurry for a new roll with no one to heckle you.

    You had me at the Friends' carousel, then lost me on the "no mushrooms".

  5. I love it. You have just outed yourself for the rest of our lives. I will no longer take the blame (guilty or innocent) for leaving the TP role empty. This was a brilliant discovery!!!

  6. Oh you are to funny!
    I like the part that you can have the artic weather in your house with out having to find everyone a suggie!


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