Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good intentions do not get the floor clean…

It was my intent today to be good and clean house, which usually entails mopping the whole downstairs. The reason I have to mop the whole downstairs is because somebody thought it would be a great idea to tile it all. No carpet. And by somebody, I mean me. What was I thinking?? I was probably thinking that mopping would be a great chore for some kid who lives here. I think that may have been what caused the mass exodus.

But I am not going to mop the floor today. Here are the two reasons why I am not going to mop today:



You’ve met these two, right?

I’ll be honest, since I’m not going to mop the floor, chances are I’m not going to do anything else of a housewifely nature today. I may just have to putter. And when I say putter, I mean make some cookies or snacks or something to give away to everyone else. Scottish woman People like when I putter.

Mopping never made me any friends anyway.


  1. Hahaha, look at those faces! I can see why those two plus dirt would equal a no mop kinda day.
    Enjoy your puttering. And if you happen to send some snacks to MI, I wouldn't be upset. :)

  2. I totally support any plan that involves not mopping. Good one!

  3. Hey, I did get the mopping done but I would have much rather puttered!


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