Saturday, July 18, 2009

The birthday boy…


Steve and Karlene

See the hottie in the striped pants? That’s my husband. You girls just step back!

Today is his birthday!

Let’s all sing to him, shall we?

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday dear CGMan!!

Happy Birthday to YOU!!

(Sharon, I couldn’t hear you)

I would make you feel sorry for him, since he’s all the way in Abu Dhabi on his birthday and I’m here in Austin. But I’m not going to, because the Custer Home for Wayward Boys is full this weekend he has several of his buddies there with him and they are spending the whole day together, smoking cigars, drinking scotch and telling lies. It’s a “boys only” kind of party this year.

They’ll have to share stories of strippers past because there just aren’t any in Abu Dhabi. Aw, darn! I’m sure they’ll have a good time anyway.

Happy Birthday CGMan!

Enjoy the last 365 days of being in your 40s.

I love you!



  1. Awe what a cutie sporting thos way cool pants! Hope CGman has the best birthday ever! Can't be that goog though if you aren't there!

  2. LOVE the pic. Happy bday to another Cancer. Mine is tomorrow so cheers to him (and you for a great post).

  3. Happy birthday to your hubby! I'm sure the guy-bonding and cigar-smoking and b.s.-ing will be a great way for him to spend his day. :) Men...gotta love 'em.

  4. Happy birthday to you
    You belong in a zoo
    You look like a monkey
    And you smell like one too.

    Happy birthday CG, man.

  5. I still have those sexy pants and wear them when I play golf...they are back in style!


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