Friday, May 29, 2009

A wonderful day in history…

May 9.

Wow had a birthday on May 9. It was a milestone birthday for her. We had a party complete with tiara and cake. What? Every girl should wear a tiara on her birthday.

Since she won’t let me show her picture (and it sure was a good one!) I will share pictures of other people who had a birthday on May 9. Maybe you can guess which milestone it was.


Billy Joel

He hasn’t had this milestone birthday yet.


Candace Bergen

She hasn’t had this milestone yet, either.


Glenda Jackson

She has already had this milestone. So has Queen Elizabeth.


Mike Wallace

He had this milestone, and a couple of others!

Did you guess it? Let me give you a hint: If she were an anniversary, she would be a star sapphire. Oh, and if she gets there before 5pm, she gets a discount.

Happy Birthday, Wow!

I’ll be there for it next year, too!

* photos from Yahoo Images

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