Thursday, May 7, 2009

What does HOV mean to you?

Austin is not considered a big city. I have lived in big cities before. Phoenix and Washington DC to name a couple. One thing these “big” cities have in common is an HOV lane. There is no HOV lane in Austin, just bike lanes.

HOV means High Occupancy Vehicle. That means two or more people in the car. The reason for this is so car-poolers can have a lane to get them to work faster than the other guys, who choose to sip their coffee in peace ride to work alone.

As I was leaving Dallas the other morning, on my way to Wow’s house, the masses were headed in.

Let me just interject right here and ask; am I the only one who gets a kick out of going against traffic during rush hour?  The only one to look over, see all the eager resigned faces of the cogs that run commerce from day to day, laugh maniacally and say “suckers!” Really? Just me, hunh?

Because I tend to get in the lane I need to be in and stay there, I was in the far left lane (not getting off this road till I get to the mid-south) which put me right next to the incoming HOV lane.

Here is what I noticed:  Not many had a high occupancy rate!! That is just wrong. That is breaking the rules. I have been known and yes, even ridiculed, for my non rule breaking-ness. And here all these Dallas drivers are just cruising along in the HOV lane, sipping their Starbucks, as if the lane were designed specifically for them!

Honestly, I could see the smugness on some of the faces. I could tell they were justifying to themselves that it was perfectly okay to be driving solo in the HOV lane because: 1. They are the CEO of the company 2. Employee of the month 3. late for work or 4. because the car in front of them has 3 people in it, it all evens out. 

In Dallas, I guess HOV means Honesty Optional Vehicle.

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