Friday, April 24, 2009


trai–tor {trey-tor} – noun-  1. one who betrays another

Elmo is a traitor. He has totally betrayed me. Me! The very one who raised him from birth. I made sure he was fed, and cleaned and when his eyes opened for the very first time? He saw me. He wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for me. For nine years we’ve been together. Inseparable. Buddies.

So when I asked Skater to mind Elmo for me while I was in Abu Dhabi, I thought this was just a babysitting situation. But then, Skater wouldn’t give him back! I do believe the definition of that… is kidnapping. 

Skater recently came to stay with me. He’s missing his mom and wants to move home waiting for his apartment to become available. I thought to myself this would be a perfect opportunity to get my precious Elmo back. God only knows he must have been missing me terribly. I mean, I am his momma, right? We’re close. Family.

Yah, right.

He’s changed. I think he must have Stockholm Syndrome or something. Because all he does is wait for his kidnapper Skater to come home. He totally ditches me, to go to him. The man who has kept him from his momma. That can be the only explanation, he’s sick. He’s been brainwashed. Or maybe he had a conversation with the dogs. Who knows? All I know is, my Elmo has betrayed me. He has fallen in with those who would break my heart.


And the Skater? He’s totally a traitor, too.



  1. That is a one big cat! Peacefully waiting on the Skater to wake. It's not you, it's just the wishy washy nature of a CAT!

  2. Ah yes, cats...they can be so easily swayed. Sorry about your loss. At least you know he's happy with Skater.

  3. It's the room- he slept with me when I was visiting fact, he LIVED inthat room.

  4. Don't you find it interesting the way Skater and Traitor rhymes? Coincidence?


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