Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Traffic school…

I have a question. Maybe this would be a good one for all you folks going to the Laugh-In driving school they have here in Austin.

Who has the right of way in this situation?

The red Kia making a probably possibly illegal U-turn or the black SUV making a right on red, with her left blinker going?

We made our moves at the same time. As we did, we made eye contact. And her eyes were sayin “Get out of the way, can’t you see where I’m going?” Did I mention the left blinker? And my eyes said “Oh no you don’t lady, I was here first.” I might even have showed her which way I was going with my middle finger, just in case she needed a visual. And then it was on. Because I was smaller, I was able to whip my U-turn and get in front of her, barely. She then proceeded to stay right on my bumper, acting all superior. I just laughed because, guess what? I’m in front of you!

I need to know this in case I ever get my ass kicked over it a ticket or something. I can just tell the cops that my readers, who have graduated from the Laugh-In School of Driving, have assured me that I had the right of way and that it is perfectly acceptable to give the other lady hand signals in lieu of a blinker, considering she doesn’t know how to use a blinker. Right?


  1. I wrote one answer and it didn't come up so I'll try again :)

    I said that I have no advice here because I'm the lady looking over my shoulder for a cop and then making an illegal U-turn. The sweetheart is all ways telling me that he's not coming to get me out of jail, I had better call one of the boys. He says my driving scares him. Although I've never had a wreak. I have gotten a few tickets for my heavy foot.

  2. Hmmm... Bossy never was any good at which is right and which is left. Does that help?

  3. Well, let's see. In Texas, U-turns can be made legally anywhere there issn't a sign saying you can't - so you were ok there. Since she was turning right, you were on her right, therefore you had the right of way, right? And of course you had your blinker on, too, didn't you? Unfortunately, big SUV's seem to think bigger means righter - and some Texans like to go around armed, so be careful out there.

  4. It's not about who had the right-of-way (if there are no cops and no contact)... Right and wrong are only important if you get caught. Just ask my teenagers.


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