Thursday, April 2, 2009

In the words of Lyle Lovett…

I’m not from Texas. That’s right, I’m not from Texas, but Texas wants me anyway.

We have lived in Texas for almost three years. Of all the people we have met here, only about one in three is actually from Texas. And of those? Only 2 are from Austin (Hi Denny and Sharon!) Austin is pretty cool like that. They let us foreigners in. Not like Dallas where you just have to be Texan, by god. Austin is a little more free spirited, I like that.

My first spring in Austin I looked forward to the bluebonnets I had heard so much about. Oh! You have to take your baby’s picture in the bluebonnets! (okaaay, he’s 16, but maybe he’ll let me) Oh, wait till you see the fields of bluebonnets! They go on for miles! Blahblahblah bluebonnets.

I didn’t see any.

I was thinking we lived in a defective part of Texas. How could I come to love Texas, become Texan, if you will, if I couldn’t wallow in all the bluebonnets? They’d never let me in if I didn’t have a picture on the wall of my baby in the bluebonnets.

My darling mother-in-law was here for a visit that very first spring. She and I headed to the nursery to look at trees. As I passed a small table, I saw these cute little flowers in pots. The label said Bluebonnet. No way! These tiny little blue flowers?! What happened to everything is bigger in Texas?? Well, hells bells! I’d seen those all over the side of the road for the last month! I didn’t know they were damned bluebonnets!! They’re so LITTLE.

Well, after that, I saw bluebonnets everywhere. It was a bumper crop that first spring we were here. I saw people pulled off the side of the road taking pictures of their babies. On a road trip through eastern Texas, yes, we saw miles and miles of them. They are beautiful, when you know what to look for. And no, my baby never would let me take his picture in the bluebonnets. He is so not from Texas. The next spring, I took a picture of Zoe in the bluebonnets. She didn’t care much for the experience.

So this year, I’ve been waiting anxiously for the bluebonnets. I have a new baby who would love her picture taken in the bluebonnets. They say there won’t be too many, because of the drought. I’m optimistic, though. This is Texas and they are a hardy little weed flower. For me, the bluebonnets have come to mean spring, warm weather and baby birds in the yard. You know…winter is over. (Not that winter is that big of a deal, we live in Texas, duh)


Guess what we found on our walk yesterday?


Happy Spring…..y’all.

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