Friday, April 10, 2009

I’m a junkie…

A paint junkie. It’s true. I love to paint. You might be thinking that I like to paint canvases, that I’m an artist. Well, you would be wrong. I like to paint walls. The color of a wall can set the tone for the whole room. It’s up to me to find the “essence” and choose the color that enhances that. I wonder if there’s a market for an “essence appropriator”? As much as CGMan would like it if I would go and do “essence” in someone else’s house, I’m pretty sure my powers only work in my house. Sorry, honey!

Like any addiction, it started with just one room. Our house in Maryland was where I got my first whiff of paint. After having lived there for six years, I painted the kitchen to get ready to sell. Then, when I realized how wonderful it is to paint, I painted a couple more rooms. Oh my! It was wonderful! Why hadn’t I discovered this about myself before now? I had lived for 6 years in a house with white walls. Then we moved to a rental in Trinidad.

Trinidad has the most colorful houses! On the outside. Not so much on the inside. And besides, it was a rental. I had to put my obsession on hold. It was then I started watching shows like “While You Were Out” and “Design On A Dime”. Poor CGMan never saw it coming.

We decided to buy a brand new house when we moved back to the States. I chose all the details about our new house. When the design center lady asked me what color I wanted on the walls, I stared at her blankly. “Oh, honey, you don’t know the ‘essence’ of any of those rooms. No, no, I will paint it myself”. So as not to have white walls, I chose a very light tan color, crisp khaki. And then it began. One room at a time.

It has taken two years and two rooms have been painted twice. A room changes as it gets older, just like me. And begs for a lift. Just like me.

I am down to the last bathroom and bedroom. CGMan doesn’t understand. He says I never go upstairs, so why bother? No one else goes up there now that the kids are gone. But see? I know those walls haven’t been painted. I know the room is calling out for it’s personality to be set free.

So yesterday? I snuck in the back door of Wal-Mart and slid around to the paint counter. I glanced right and left and then ordered a gallon. A whole gallon! The color? Applesauce Cake.

**Let me just stop my rambling right here to ask what the hell kind of name is that? What happened to blue, brown, green and such? I have one bathroom that is Grasshopper Wing, of all things!

Like anyone (or thing) when it’s personality finally comes out, she/it needs accessories! I think this is really what sends CGMan. He’s a guy, he doesn’t understand the need to accessorize. That’s part of it, finding all the right items to add to the personality of the room. But honestly, I don’t care to shop. I wish I had a closet, or one of those big trailers like they have on TV, filled with knick knacks and candlesticks and stuff. Yeah, then I could just walk in, pick out what “goes” and leave. To go paint the next room.

Because really, it’s all about the paint.

Don’t tell CGMan, but while I was waiting for the paint to be mixed, I picked some new colors for our bedroom. It must have split personalities, because its begging to be painted for the third time!

Don’t think for a minute that while I was in Abu Dhabi, helping CGMan set up house, that I didn’t paint the kitchen and one dining room wall. While he was at work. Oh yes, I did. I told you, I’m a junkie and I can score anywhere. My dealer there? The home of the helpful hardware man!

I need help.

But not until that last room is painted.

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