Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The finer points of photography…

Did I say finer? Oh no, I’m pretty sure I meant funnier. I am no photographer. I don’t even pretend to be one on TV. I have a Canon point and shoot camera. I’ve had several. I love them. They take great pictures. I do not. I have several friends who are great photographers and God love ‘em, I don’t know how they do it.

I recently took my little canon on a walk with the dogs, Zoe and Phoebe. I thought I would get some great evening shots of our lovely doggies to send to their daddy in Abu Dhabi. Yeah, so I thought.

Here are some helpful hints on taking pictures of dogs:

IMG_0708  Don’t take the picture when the subjects are too far away. It makes it hard to distinguish who is who (whom?). The black blob is Zoe and the fat blob is Phoebe.






Don’t let them get too close,either. They’ll just walk on by. Everything is more interesting than you.






Don’t take a picture of a dog sniffing the butt of a dog sniffing your crotch. It will not win you any prizes.






Do try to get your subject to face the camera. Although, this one could have deep meaning. Hhmmm, what is she thinking about as she stares off into the distance? Thought provoking, isn’t it? NO! She’s thinking about food! She always thinks about food! And that my friends, is as deep as it gets.




Okay, so the outdoors shots didn’t turn out so well. Now we’ll try the art of the “self portrait”. Camera set with 20 second timer? Check. Dog treats to entice dogs to sit on my lap? Check. 






Fight over dog treats just as the camera starts to click? Check.

P.S. When it comes to treats, Phoebe has the brute strength, but Zoe is fast as lightening.





Alright, let’s try a little closer to the camera. Everybody ready? No? By all means, Zoe, go chase the squirrel. We’re not doing anything important here. Isn’t there a saying in the movie biz about working with animals and children? Yeah, I’m all over that.





I don’t know what it is with this dog that she can’t keep her eyes open for a picture. She  must be trying really hard. Or praying for dinner.




While this experience was fun and all, I think I’ll go back to taking pictures of flowers. This felt too much like work.


  1. I PROMISE it is no different taking pictures of GRAND~girls!!!!!!!! I'll show you in a few days just what I mean. I tried so hard to get a picture of them together over the weekend and I just wanted to beat them :) ended up taking a Xanax instead!!

  2. Wow, love the dog fight. I have to trick my dog into posing for pictures. I sneak the camera out 'cause she'll be all cute and then realize there's a picture going on and look away. She's camera shy, apparantly.

  3. Aren't you glad there are digital cameras now instead of using film. Instant gratification! Even better than the old Polaroids! Remember taking pictures with film and flashbulbs! And you wouldn't know for days or even months if you got a good picture. And if you didn't get a good one, oh well... too late! The only thing missing is that little surprise of a forgotten picture in your developed roll. That was nice.

  4. We hardly ever get our dog to look at the camera. Sheesh.


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