Friday, March 6, 2009

They call me Heiferyung...

My name is Dawn and for the moment, I live in Austin. Eventually I will move to the other side of the world to live with my husband, Steve, in Abu Dhabi. Then, I will be Dawn in Abu Dhabi. duh.

I should fill you in a little bit about me. For the most part, I'm one of those "day late and a dollar short" kind of gals. Except for having kids. I did that nice and early, before all my peers. But hey, I'm done now and they aren't. What I mean by "day late" is I always seem to be on the tail end of the latest anything.

We were the last ones on the block to get a computer. And me, with zero typing skills, dialed onto AOL and tried type a screen name. After many tries to find a clever way to show my love for cows and staying young - "Heiferyung" was born. (it was supposed to be ForHeiferYoung- but in the beginning, AOL would only let you have a certain number of characters) I had no idea what I was doing. It's a wonder I didn't kill the computer. After years of asking "How does it do that?" and "Why won't it do this?!" reading the FAQs on every single version of Windows and searching the web for answers, I am now more than merely efficient on the computer. I am the system manager for our household. No computer is bought or upgraded without my input. And God forbid something should go wrong with Steve's computer! I can hear him now from across the room "Honeeeeyyyy, my screen is locked up!" I digress.

I was also a day late on the whole SAHM thing. While I was working to raise three kids alone (BS-before Steve) I had heard of those special moms who stayed home with their kids and some even (gasp!) home schooled their children. First let me say that while I would have loved to be a SAHM during their formative years, there is no way on God's green earth I would have been able to teach them, too! I have the deepest respect for those who have done it and not eaten their young. I would have been tempted to end the life of those I struggled to bring forth. Anyway, I do pride myself on homemade treats and other special surprises for the children I sent into public school. Finally, I was able to become a SAHM for 5 years. The last five there was.

Steve was transferred to Trinidad for his final tour in the Coast Guard. I wasn't allowed to work in that country, so I became a SAHM for the first time in my life. With a teenager. Yeah, those are the ones who really want a SAHM. Actually, Kenny and I did pretty well together. It was nice to be home when he came home from school and hear about his day. It truly made me long to have done it with the other two. I know I missed something pretty special. But one can only embrace the special moments to come, not the ones that might have been missed.

Here I am, still a SAHM, with no kids left at home. So really? What does that make me now?! Steve says- SPOILED.

Okay, back to the day late study: iPod? just last month. Flat screen TV? one year ago. Surround sound? yep, 6 months ago. Which brings me to the blog. I have now decided, after having followed some pretty awesome blogs over the last couple of years, that if they can write about their normal lives and entertain in the process, well, shootfire! I can, too. I may just be a day late in doing so.

For those of you who are still reading, I plan to talk about my "normal" life. My husband, Steve, who lives in Abu Dhabi, and my travels to and from. I'm sure you all want to hear about my empty nest and how I was so worried I wouldn't like it, only to find it's lined in leather and has Happy Hour every day at 4pm! My quest to be a grandma! And let's not forget the pound puppy and the bulldog, Zoe & Phoebe, respectively. I have some great stories. I think blogging will be fun.

So that's me. Dawn in Austin. They call me heiferyung. Sorry I'm late. I got here as fast as I could.

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