Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I love babies…

I love grandbabies babies. I think everyone should have one or two. The thing about babies, though, is you have to watch them all the time. The tend to put things in their mouth.

In the last two days, these are some of the things I have pulled out of my baby’s mouth:

IMG_0673 IMG_0677









This is my baby:


  1. Clicked over to you through Meg the Non-Smoker, and I was confused over the things your "baby" was chewing on until I finally scrolled down to the video. LOL. Reading through your earlier entries cleared things up a lot. :)

    I also live in Austin, and don't know how you do it with your hubby so far away. Sounds like living over there will be a great experience someday.

  2. Hi Dawn! Thanks for finding me. Love the blog so far. I'll have to keep on catching up. Oh my, goodness, I have the same problem my own "baby". Someday I'll tell you about the Year of the Underpants...Dogs...

  3. Meg-
    I swear, if she chews up another pair of my underpants, I'm gonna have go commando!

  4. Human babies put exactly the same stuff in their mouths! At least mine did. We survived.


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